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Development of an AI solution for business

Data science is one of the most advanced areas of the 21st century and now almost every business strives to increase the profit and/or quality of its product with the help of machine learning, and Lightpoint Global is no exception.... more
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The importance of code refactoring

Today’s world is evolving super fast, we must be ready for new ideas, trends, and requirements from the clients. To be able to make appropriate changes in the projects quickly, efficiently, and keeping quality, we should have a perfectly written code. The process that can help us to keep code simple, clean, and clear is refactoring... more
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The Pros and Cons of T&M model

The type of contract that is suitable for the project helps to minimize risks and increase the chances of a positive result for both parties: the client and the software vendor. Let's take a look at one of the outsourcing pricing models - the Time & Material contract... more