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Big Data consulting and development

Bespoke Big Data software solutions and consulting services for data-driven business decision-making
Lightpoint creates bespoke software tools to derive real, actionable insights from large data sets. Make better decisions, faster, turning data lakes into a source of understanding about your business, your customers and your market and driving efficiency, revenue and innovation.

The Big Data opportunity

Using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and complex analysis, you can extract meaningful insights from very large, multivalent data sets — such as customer behavior, supply chains and internal processes — in real time, allowing for rapid, data-driven business decisions.
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Big Data consulting
We’ll work with you to identify, implement and integrate the Big Data solutions, tools and technologies you need to achieve current project goals or equip your whole organization to benefit from Big Data.
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Big Data custom software
Big Data software created for your specific business needs, built by a team who understand your business goals and the unique, complex demands of Big Data software engineering.
Talk to us today about your Big Data needs. We’ll work with your team to build a bespoke solution for your business.

Big Data solutions

Our team works with you to identify business needs and opportunities, match your requirements with an extensive tech stack of industry-leading tools, and create bespoke software solutions from the ground up.
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Analysing why your best sellers are already successful, and the wider market, tells you what features new products or offerings should have, helping you successfully innovate.
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Risk assessment
Big Data analysis can reveal unanticipated risks that you wouldn’t otherwise see coming, as well as showing you ways to mitigate known risks and increase organizational resilience.
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Supply chain
Radically improve supply chain performance, efficiency and security with Big Data analysis of stock flows, enabling demand planning, more accurate ordering and scheduling, and real-time execution.
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Customer behavior
Extract unstructured data from web analytics, social media, digital ads and mobile app usage, transform it and integrate it with CRM, marketing automation and EDW to predict customer behavior and achieve real, accurate personalization.
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Recommendation engines
Suggest products, services and solutions to your customers and clients based on big data analysis, including specific and general customer behavior. Achieve real personalization at scale.
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Fraud detection and security
Big Data analytics enables companies to identify behavior patterns typical of fraud or attack and preempt their most severe consequences by programmatically interrupting them.
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Content targeting
Identify customer and prospect content preferences and customize content recommendations, automatically and at scale, using Big Data analysis of consumption patterns, clicks, and feedback.
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Social media analytics
Track mentions and trends, behavior patterns and more across major social platforms, leveraging big data analytics to identify patterns that can be used to fuel sales and predict responses.

Big Data technologies we work with


Amazon S3

Amazon RedShift

Apache Cassandra





Data Studio


Lightpoint builds powerful tools based on Big Data as a component in your business processes. We’ll work with you to ideate and architect the right solution. Get in touch to get started.

The Lightpoint difference

Focused on a business goal, mindful of the end user, Lightpoint is a different development agency.
Beyond the technical
Beyond the technical
We don't just build great tools. We build business processes. Our team builds innovative technical solutions, but the focus is on joining the dots between your business goals and your tech.
Deep expertise
Deep expertise
72% of our team are senior-level professionals. We marry deep technical expertise with soft skills and business know-how.
Track record of success
130+ successful projects. Recommended by 96% of our customers. 92% improvement in customer satisfaction scores. 63% increase in brand recognition.

Get in touch

Let’s talk! Tell us your business goals and we’ll translate them into sleek cross-platform applications that drive revenue, deliver security, reduce administrative burden and derive actionable insights from your business data.
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