Data science software development and consulting illustration

Data science software development and consulting

Custom data science software solutions and strategic consulting to understand your customers
Lightpoint creates custom software to match your business needs, and consults with you on ways our data science expertise can accelerate business processes, mitigate fraud risk and deliver personalization at scale.

Turn data into understanding

Translate data lakes into actionable insights on customer journeys, motivations and behaviors, transforming everything from internal processes to sales and marketing, and facilitating accurate personalization at scale and across devices and assets.
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Software development
Custom software solutions leveraging machine learning, deep learning and AI to create bespoke tools that transform your business.
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Strategic consulting
We work with your team to build skills and competencies while we identify and exploit data science opportunities in your business processes.
Talk to us today about your data science needs. We’ll work with your team to build a bespoke solution for your business.

Data science and software development

From concept to functioning solution, our software development team knows how to build the tools you need. We learn about your business and your goals, select appropriate models to investigate your data and build software capable of turning siloed data lakes into real insight.
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Fraud and risk detection
User profiling, behavioral analysis and statistical comparisons let us use data science to identify and control risk factors and detect and prevent fraud.
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Document management
Image recognition and language processing can search, identify, and categorize unstructured document caches, matching them by subject, type and more.
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Improve staff performance, lead nurturing and customer retention by using the existing gamification data to experientially reward desirable behaviors and build habits around processes rather than outcomes.
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Inventory management
Tracking physical inventory and service provision against capacity using multiple data sources, including IoT, to establish real-time accurate stock and identify supply and sales patterns.
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Sales forecasting
Sales data can be analysed to reveal likely future outcomes, allowing for seasonal changes and unpredictable events, permitting better sales process design and more predictable revenue.
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Messaging personalization
Personalize sales messaging at scale with data science analysis of prospect data and previous messaging performance. Dynamically construct and serve marketing messaging to leads.
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Predictive marketing
Leveraging Machine Learning and Business Intelligence toolkits to generate predictive analytics from competitor, user and prospect data.
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Customer service
Get more effective, helpful customer service efficiently and at scale, offer cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and improve handling of inbound leads.

Data science technologies we work with

Google BigQuery

Microsoft Power BI


Apache Kafka

Apache Sqoop

Apache Spark

Lightpoint builds powerful tools based on data science as a component in your business processes. We’ll work with you to ideate and architect the right solution. Get in touch to get started.

The Lightpoint difference

Focused on the business goal, mindful of the end-user, Lightpoint is a different development agency.
Beyond the technical
Beyond the technical
We don't just build great tools. We build business processes. Our team builds innovative technical solutions, but the focus is on joining the dots between your business goals and your tech.
Deep expertise
Deep expertise
72% of our team are senior-level professionals. We marry deep technical expertise with soft skills and business know-how.
Track record of success
130+ successful projects. Recommended by 96% of our customers. 92% improvement in customer satisfaction scores. 63% increase in brand recognition.

Get in touch

Let’s talk! Tell us your business goals and we’ll translate them into sleek cross-platform applications that drive revenue, deliver security, reduce administrative burden and derive actionable insights from your business data.
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