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Machine learning and deep learning consulting

Custom machine and deep learning solutions and strategic consulting to understand your customers
Lightpoint delivers strategic consulting and implementation services to let you transition from analytics to true machine learning rapidly and efficiently. Access deep learning’s capacity to create features and generalize from experience, and drive performance across the organization.

Machine learning at the heart of your organization

Get forecasting and predictive analysis, derive actionable insights from your data and carry out root cause analysis and optimization. Build the tools to automatically match your new offerings with customer needs. Train and test algorithms to deliver reliable, accurate results.
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Deep learning
The most widely-used subset of machine learning, used in self-driving cars and automatic translation. Self-teaching in layers lets deep learning organically derive rules from examples within a niche or topic.
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Machine learning
The wider field, applying data science and machine learning algorithms to data sets to generate actionable insights, power operations, features and decisions, and match messaging with audiences.
Talk to us today about your machine learning needs. We’ll work with your team to build a bespoke solution for your business.

Machine learning consulting and development

Identify opportunities in your business to leverage machine learning and deep learning. Upskill your team and work with us to create, iterate and optimize solutions that deliver on the promise of data.
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Your business needs
Identifying and analysing your business needs is paramount for a successful ML project. We’ll work with you, bringing to the table both tech and business expertise.
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Data collection, exploration and management
Collect, identify, analyse and taxonomize your data, cleaning it and maximizing signal/noise to get the most reliable results.
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Training algorithms and testing models
We test our models against performance parameters to ensure functionality, and train ML and deep learning algorithms extensively on applicable data sets to deliver accurate forecasting.
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Application development
We design and build machine learning applications and deep learning tools from the ground up, delivering fully-functional solutions encapsulated inside APIs that integrate with the rest of your stack.
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Natural Language Processing
Automatated chatbot scripts, personalize sales messaging programmatically and match audiences with content automatically and at scale by analysing and processing language with NLP.
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Image and video analysis
We create and train algorithms to analyse video and images, letting you automate search and categorization of unlabelled or unstructured collections at scale and accurately.
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Supply chain management
Optimize supply chain functioning, matching demand with supply across complex, multiparty supply chains, informed by reliable consumer demand forecasts.
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Predictive maintenance
Predict equipment and component degradation using ML models based on historical data, then maintain predictively for more uptime with lower costs.

ML and deep learning technologies we work with

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Lightpoint builds powerful tools based on machine learning and deep learning as components in your business processes. We’ll work with you to ideate and architect the right solution. Get in touch to get started.

The Lightpoint difference

Focused on a business goal, mindful of the end user, Lightpoint is a different development agency.
Beyond the technical
Beyond the technical
Let’s talk! Tell us your business goals and we’ll translate them into sleek cross-platform applications that drive revenue, deliver security, reduce administrative burden and derive actionable insights from your business data.
Deep expertise
Deep expertise
72% of our team are senior-level professionals. We marry deep technical expertise with soft skills and business know-how.
Track record of success
130+ successful projects. Recommended by 96% of our customers. 92% improvement in customer satisfaction scores. 63% increase in brand recognition.

Get in touch

Let’s talk! Tell us your business goals and we’ll translate them into sleek cross-platform applications that drive revenue, deliver security, reduce administrative burden and derive actionable insights from your business data.
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