About Lightpoint Global

About Lightpoint Global

We’re a full-cycle software development company with 12+ years of experience in building custom solutions for SMBs, startups, mid-size businesses and large enterprises.

What we do

Our team develops software that matches our clients’ business processes, goals and unique requirements. We start every project from a deep assessment of the client’s needs and business objectives. Whether you plan to create a brand-new solution from scratch or customize an existing one, we’re here to help you. Check out what services you can leverage.

Our team works with you to identify opportunities for you to benefit from digital transformation. Learn more
Lightpoint develops web applications designed to delight your users, accelerate your business processes and drive revenue and ROI. Learn more
Our team leverages a blend of manual and automated QA testing to rigorously check your application and ensure quality. Learn more
Our UI/UX specialists create web and mobile user interfaces. We dive deep into your project, discovering your audience and its behavior. Learn more
We provide a range of services, such as installation and configuration of hardware and software, monitoring and management of systems and networks, and more. Learn more
Our services include data consulting and analytics, data collection, cleansing and preparation, data engineering, data visualisation, BI and machine learning. Learn more

How we build the right tool for the job

Analysis and planning
Using market research, competitive analysis, and talking with you about your goals, we identify the opportunities concealed inside your business challenges. We’ll analyze your needs, information architecture and site and content performance to plan the way forward.
Design and code
We use our deep technical expertise to create a solution that perfectly fits your business needs, using an extensive, constantly-updated tech stack and the full toolkit of our team of UX/UI, web development and product management professionals.
Test and Launch
Our QA and AQA engineers will rigorously test your solution before launch, checking everything from responsiveness through features and regressions to integrations. We’ll go live to your domain, schedule maintenance and updates and support you through the launch period and beyond.

Meet our team

We’re a team of technology and business experts, covering every stage and aspect of software development for business.

A word from our CEO

Ilya Lashch CEO, Founder

Hi, I’m Ilya Lashch – Lightpoint’s CEO and CTO. I’ve been working with this amazing team of professionals since 2011. We’ve undergone a lot of changes in the tech world, but one thing stayed the same: our clients need a development partner who knows more than just coding. That’s why my team stays abreast of advancements in both software development and business landscapes, as well as the latest codebases, platforms, frameworks, libraries and tools.

We address the challenges of our focus domains

We understand that software solutions cannot be isolated from vertical-specific context. That’s why we tackle each project with the consideration of customer business reality, including domain challenges, best practices and trends, and outline the most precise roadmap for their business success.


We help subscription-based businesses to facilitate digital transformation, content management, and personalized user experiences. Custom software that we develop comprises features for multi-channel content creation, management, and delivery, as well as setting up personalization to enhance user engagement, centralization of management processes, and obtaining analytical insights on content performance and audience behavior.
For healthcare organizations, we develop software that enables interoperability, data security, and workflow automation. We ensure seamless data exchange between disparate systems, administrative workflows automation, advanced security measures to safeguard patient data, and enhanced patient engagement through personalized and user-friendly interfaces.
We help Fintech companies to cope with security and compliance risks as well as embrace rapid technological advancements. Our custom software development comprises robust security measures, compliance with financial regulations, and quick adaptation to emerging technologies without compromising performance. The result is enhanced resilience and usability of financial software solutions.
We address integration complexities, data silos, and lack of scalability that Martech companies may encounter. We develop tailored solutions that enable seamless integration of diverse marketing tools, automation of marketing workflows and analytics, centralization of diverse data sources, and accommodating future growth, resulting in personalized, adaptable, and orchestrated martech ecosystems.

Our Clients

These are just some of the world-known names that are using our solutions:

Our core tech stack

We employ a versatile, well-rounded set of technologies and tools to ensure flexibility of the development process, adapt smoothly to the clients’ needs, and ensure high-quality, maintainable software solutions delivery as a result.

Why work with Lightpoint?

Business, not just code
Our team creates innovative, functional software solutions, but our final goal is driving the target business outcomes, fueled by technology.
Deep, broad expertise
72% of our team are senior-level professionals. We combine deep technical expertise with soft skills and business know-how.
Global experience
We’ve worked with SMBs, startups, mid-size and major enterprise businesses from all over the globe, and have a deep knowledge of local market trends and domain business specifics.

A proven success

We boast 130+ successful projects, while our clients experience 96% improvement in customer satisfaction scores and 63% increase in brand recognition.

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