Payment Gateway Development

Payment Gateway Development

Custom payment gateway provides organizations with a high degree of control, security, and flexibility over their payment processing operations. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, they allow businesses to create a payment experience that aligns perfectly with their brand identity, customer preferences, and specific business needs.

Lightpoint Global, a web development service provider covers all aspects of custom payment gateway development: creating, deploying, and maintaining fully functional and secure payment processing solutions.

What is a custom payment gateway?

Custom payment gateway enables, authorizes, and secures transfer of funds between customers and businesses online. It acts as a bridge between the merchant’s online facilities and the financial institutions involved in payment processing. The result is secure and seamless monetary transactions from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account, completing the purchase of goods or services.

Why choose custom payment gateway development?

Tailor-made payment gateway development is a good choice when businesses have unique requirements or seek to achieve certain strategic goals, which off-the-shelf options may not be able to embrace. Here are four major scenarios where we would recommend opting for a custom payment gateway development.

Complex Payment Workflows

If your business involves complex payment workflows, such as split payments, multi-party transactions, multiple currencies, specialized payment methods, or custom billing and invoicing processes, a custom solution can handle these specific scenarios efficiently.

Industry-Specific Requirements

Certain industries, such as healthcare, finance, or government sectors, have stringent compliance and security regulations. A custom payment gateway allows you to comply with industry-specific standards, ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive customer data.

Branding and UX is a priority

If maintaining a consistent brand image and providing a seamless user experience are critical for your business, a custom payment gateway is the best choice. It allows you to incorporate your brand's look and feel into the payment process, resulting in a cohesive and professional user journey.

Integrations with Existing Systems

When your business relies on specific e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, or mobile applications, a custom payment gateway can be developed to seamlessly integrate with these existing systems. This integration ensures smooth data exchange, automated processes, and a unified experience for your customers and backend operations.

Types of payment gateways we develop

Custom payment gateways can be categorized based on their development approach, ownership, and the level of customization. Below we outlined some major types of custom payment gateways we can deliver:


These gateways are developed to align perfectly with the specific needs and branding of the business. They are highly flexible and scalable, allowing businesses to add features, payment methods, and integrations as needed.


While the core functionality is provided by the third-party provider, businesses can customize the payment gateway's appearance, user experience, and certain features to match their brand and requirements.


Combine elements of both full custom development and third-party integration. They are built on top of existing payment gateway frameworks but offer extensive customization options to tailor the payment experience according to the business's specific needs.


Leverage developer-friendly APIs to integrate seamlessly with other applications, websites, or mobile apps. Such gateways offer high levels of flexibility and customization while leveraging the reliability and security of the underlying APIs.


Cater for specific geographic areas or countries. They offer support for local payment methods, currencies, and compliance with region-specific regulations.


Facilitate secure and seamless transactions for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, enabling smart devices to handle payments, such as in connected vending machines or appliances.

Analytical and Reporting

Offers advanced reporting and analytics features to provide businesses with real-time transaction data, sales insights, and customer behavior analysis; helps optimize business strategies and decision-making.


With the growing popularity of mobile commerce, some custom payment gateways are developed with a focus on mobile optimization. They ensure a seamless and user-friendly payment experience for customers using smartphones and tablets.


Act as payment aggregators, allowing businesses to accept payments on behalf of their customers. Aggregator gateways are suitable for marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms, or businesses with a large number of sub-merchants.


Support recurring billing and subscription-based models. They allow businesses to automate periodic payments for subscription services, memberships, or ongoing product deliveries.


Facilitate secure and seamless transactions within web interfaces (self-service portals, subscription management platforms). Leverage diverse payment methods, data encryption, and fraud prevention measures.


Enable transactions in multiple currencies. They are essential for businesses operating in international markets, enabling customers to pay in their local currencies, which can lead to higher conversion rates and reduced currency exchange fees.

Features to include in a custom payment gateway

Consider the functions that a payment gateway typically performs to facilitate secure and efficient payment processing for online transactions.

Payment Authorization

Authorizing or declining payment transactions based on the validity of the payment information provided by the customer.

Transaction Encryption

Securing sensitive payment data during transmission over the internet using encryption protocols.

Transaction Routing

Routing authorized transaction details to the relevant acquiring bank or payment processor for further processing and settlement.

Transaction Settlement

Initiating the settlement process to transfer funds from the customer's account to the merchant's account after approval.

Payment Data Storage

Securely storing customer payment data for future use, enabling faster and more convenient checkout for returning customers.

Real-Time Status Notification

Sending real-time status notifications to both the merchant and the customer, indicating whether the transaction was successful, declined, or encountered an error.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Applying advanced fraud detection mechanisms to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, protecting both merchants and customers.

Multi-Currency Conversion

Handling multi-currency transactions and converting payments from one currency to another at the prevailing exchange rate.

Refund Management

Facilitating secure processing of refunds, allowing merchants to initiate refunds directly from their payment processing dashboard.

Payment Retry

Automatically attempting to process a failed transaction again at specified intervals, improving transaction success rates.

Recurring Billing Management

Managing recurring billing cycles for subscription-based businesses, automatically charging customers at predefined intervals for subscription services.

Virtual Terminal

Providing a virtual terminal for merchants to manually process card-not-present transactions, such as phone or email orders.

3D Secure Authentication

Supporting 3D Secure (3DS) authentication to add an extra layer of security, requiring customers to enter a one-time password or authentication code during the payment process.

Split Payments

Enabling the division of a single payment between multiple recipients, such as in online marketplaces or platforms with multiple sellers.


Replacing sensitive payment data with unique tokens to enhance security and reduce the risk of data breaches.

Partial Payment and Deposits

Allowing customers to make partial payments or deposits for goods or services, especially for high-value or custom orders.

Batch Processing

Facilitating the processing of multiple transactions in a batch, reducing processing time and increasing efficiency for merchants.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Providing customers with the option to pay in their home currency during the checkout process, with the conversion rate displayed.

Real-Time Currency Exchange Rates

Accessing real-time currency exchange rates to ensure accurate conversions for multi-currency transactions.

Transaction Reports and Analytics

Providing comprehensive reporting and analytics tools for merchants to access transaction data, sales trends, and customer insights, aiding in business decision-making and performance tracking.

How we develop a payment processing software

Figure out the step-by-step process we follow when payment gateway software development.


Requirements Gathering

Pinpointing client's needs, business model, and payment processing requirements.


Planning and architecture design

Creating a detailed development plan and building architecture of the payment gateway.


Front-End Development

Development of the user interface and payment forms.


Back-End Development

Building the payment processing logic and server-side components, integration with payment processors.

delivery model

Security Implementation

Implement encryption and compliance measures to protect payment data.


Integration and Testing

Integrating with payment processors and conducting thorough testing.


Deployment and Release

Launching the payment gateway for live transactions


Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Providing continuous support and updates.

Who we do it for

We develop custom payment gateways for various business domains to enhance security, flexibility, and control, supporting unique payment flows and ensuring a seamless and cohesive transaction process.


Payment gateways we develop for publishing businesses offer secure transactions, recurring billing, and revenue tracking, allowing publishers to monetize content and deliver a seamless and secure user experience.
We deliver payment gateways to healthcare organizations to handle patient payments, co-pays, and deductibles, ensuring HIPAA compliance and safeguarding sensitive financial and medical data, simplifying financial transactions for healthcare providers and patients.


For the fintech domain, we develop payment gateways that perform payment processing, funds transfer, and currency conversions. We ensure compliance with financial regulations, enhance transaction security and usability, contributing to the efficiency and trustworthiness of fintech businesses.


For the martech domain we create payment gateways that facilitate online transactions, ensure the encryption of customer payment data.They can be easily integrated into marketing platforms, supporting seamless customer payments and helping businesses to track financial performance.

Our work

Learn the details of the bespoke software solutions we developed for organizations in fintech industry:

A Paywall Solution for Converting Readers to Subscribers
Electronic Payment System for Global Fintech Market
Development of a custom online banking solution
Loan Management System Based on Salesforce

How We Work

As a full cycle software development company, we synchronize our development approach with our clients’ business goals and project nuances to deliver the right solution in the right time. Explore our engagement models, and choose which one works best.

The Lightpoint difference

Several factors are crucial to develop a trustworthy custom payment gateway. Here are some aspects we cultivate within our team to ensure maximum reliability and functionality.

Fintech expertise

One of our assets is experience in developing fintech-specific software for banks and financial institutions. We developed online banking solutions, financial management and analytics apps, payment systems, etc.

Thorough testing

Minding the critical nature of sensitive financial information involved, we perform multifarious testing activities to ensure security, reliability, compliance, and user-centric interface of the payment gateway.

Security and Compliance

We prioritize the protection of customer information, following industry best practices for data encryption, unauthorized access and fraud prevention, and more. We also ensure compliance with industry security standards.

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