Engagement Models

Engagement Models

At Lightpoint, we offer various m cooperation models to cater for all types of projects. Selecting the right engagement model ensures alignment with your project goals, enhances communication, and maximizes the chances of timely, within-budget, and high-quality project completion, ultimately contributing to client satisfaction and business success.

Major Approaches

Choosing the right engagement model depends on factors such as project complexity, scope clarity, budget constraints, and the client’s level of involvement. It’s essential to carefully assess these factors and select the model that aligns with the project’s goals and constraints.

Project-based approach

In this model, a software vendor takes complete responsibility for the project development. It's often used to reduce costs, access specialized skills, or accelerate development. This approach can involve fixed-price, T&M, or other billing arrangements.

Team-based approach

A dedicated team is assembled by the software development company to work exclusively on the client's project. The client has full control over the team, and they work as an extension of the client's in-house team. This model is suitable for long-term projects with evolving requirements.

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Pricing Options

It’s essential for both parties to clearly define the pricing structure in the software development contract to avoid misunderstandings and disputes later in the project. The pricing options can vary depending on the project’s complexity, scope, and the preferences of both the client and the development team. Here are some basic pricing options we commonly provide.

Fixed Price

It is a popular choice for well-defined, stable projects where predictability and budget control are paramount. The scope, deliverables, timeline, and cost are predetermined in an SRS (software requirements specification) and fixed before work commences. While this model offers predefined cost, it may not be suitable for projects with evolving requirements or a high degree of uncertainty, as any deviations from the initial agreement can be challenging to accommodate.

Recommended for
Short-term projects that don't presuppose requirement changes

Time & Material

The Time and Material (T&M) engagement model is a project pricing approach where clients pay for actual hours worked and resources used by the service provider. Clients gain transparency into project progress and expenses but face cost uncertainty if the project extends beyond estimates. T&M offers flexibility as project requirements may evolve or change over time, enabling clients to adjust project priorities and make modifications as needed without going through extensive contract renegotiations.

Recommended for
Long-term, strategic projects with evolving or unclear requirements, research and development tasks, or ongoing maintenance and support where the scope may change frequently.

Dedicated Team

The Dedicated Team Engagement Model involves hiring a full-stack team of professionals, such as developers, designers, data engineers, QA engineers, and more, who work exclusively on your project. This model offers flexibility, scalability, and direct control over the team's activities. Clients can easily adjust the team's composition and workload. The client retains full control while leveraging specialized skills without the overhead of hiring full-time employees.

Recommended for
Long-term in-house projects for which you need skilled staff that you want to control and manage by your own resources.


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