AWS Cloud Consulting Services

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

We offer a full range of cloud consulting services: business analysis, development of a turnkey AWS-powered solution from scratch, bug fixing, customization, and optimization of a сloud solution. Our team is represented by specialists in business analysis, software development, data analysis and visualization, and quality assurance. We pay special attention to cost-efficiency of the final solution ensuring there are no underutilized units within the final AWS infrastructure. That prevents unnecessary budget spends and excessive complexity of the system.

AWS Cloud Services We Offer

AWS Consulting

Lightpoint team supports companies on any stage of AWS solution lifecycle, from idea development and validation to AWS-powered solution development and delivery. We help to determine the stack of technologies for development and further use, outline the architecture of the AWS ecosystem, gather and document project requirements to the software solution. Our specialists determine causes of the bugs and inaccurate or insufficient outcomes, and work out strategies for improving your AWS system and enhancing its performance, security, stability, or any other KPI.

AWS infrastructure and cloud app development

We build AWS infrastructure and its software components from the ground up. The infrastructure comprises hardware devices and virtualization tools that enable cloud computing physically and virtually, storage devices that replace physical data centers while preserving data in order and security, and network resources that connect cloud-based applications with users. While infrastructure is a frame, cloud apps are component parts that perform all the defined functions and workflows.

Migration to AWS

Our team can assess your current systems and infrastructure and prepare a plan of migration to the cloud. We create a migration pipeline that implies selecting auxiliary applications and custom migration scripts that we write individually for each concrete case. After the migration process is completed, we ensure the data and system capabilities were transferred correctly and integrally, and the whole AWS environment performs as intended.

ETL pipeline development

We enable regular and streamlined communication between AWS repositories and other systems per your demand – websites, legacy databases, servers, other cloud storages, etc. Together with this, we develop bespoke data transformation algorithms that unify format of data from different sources, enrich data, and prepare it for analytics and visualization, thus providing your business with data-driven decision making.

Reducing AWS system costs

Lightpoint specialists examine your AWS environment for elements that don’t work at full capacity. Before pinpointing all idling units, we select and implement alternatives that cover the same tasks while paying off completely and not being redundant. In the result, your AWS system sustains the same functionality and capacity, but gets lower in cost.

AWS system upgrade and modification

Depending on what changes in AWS infrastructure your business strategy requires, we can scale, customize, or integrate your AWS solution with 3d party systems. Our team can scale AWS to increase bandwidth of data, tasks, and loads it can endure. Besides, we can enhance your solution by developing new custom features, deactivating irrelevant ones, rearranging processes and workflows. Our team can also integrate your AWS with third-party services and apps to manage documents, derive insights from business data, and enable any other pre-built functionality.

Who we do it for

We have been providing AWS consulting services for startups, SMBs, and enterprises for the last 12 years. These are focus domains we have a the deepest expertise in


We develop and implement scalable and cost-effective AWS cloud solutions for the publishing domain to facilitate content storage, distribution, and audience engagement. Our solutions enable publishers to deliver digital content globally, utilize analytics for reader insights, and implement secure digital rights management (DRM).
For healthcare providers, we build AWS infrastructure to enable secure and compliant storing, processing, and analyzing sensitive medical data. We also implement AI-driven diagnostics, telemedicine applications, data interoperability, and scalable health information systems to improve patient care.
For Fintech organizations we create robust and flexible AWS solutions for secure data storage, processing, and analytics. We implement advanced financial technologies like real-time payments, fraud detection, and machine learning-based risk assessments.
We equip Martech organizations with scalable and cost-effective AWS-powered systems to leverage AI/ML tools, real-time data insights, personalization, and automation to optimize marketing strategies, drive customer engagement, and achieve better campaign results.

Our work

For the past 12 years we have completed a large variety of projects for marketing, financial, medical, publishing, and other companies across the globe. See a few of our case studies on AWS consulting and development.

Customer Engagement Platform for Digital Publishing and Media Companies
Development of an ETL-pipeline and integration with BI tools for a US-based digital publishing company
Development of a Data consolidation and analytics platform for a US analytical agency
E-commerce platform for a Jewelry Retailer

The Lightpoint difference

At Lightpoint, we apply strategies that allow us to provide high-quality AWS consulting services and deliver full cycle software development while keeping procedures streamlined and transparent. We provide our clients with solutions meeting both technical and business requirements to become a long-term competitive advantage.

Free initial consultation

The first few AWS consulting sessions are provided without any charge. There, we answer your questions, estimate the necessary resources, and offer helpful advice on the AWS platform. Each case is given its own unique calculation for the total number of free consulting hours.

Exhausting cost optimization

After deploying the cloud, we continue to analyze the AWS system to find idling components. Then we fine-tune the infrastructure that results in saving costs by up to 30%.

Multi-stage quality check

To maintain objectivity and minimize human factor, each of our projects is assessed by both the team that is working on it and technical leads from other teams. As a result, we avoid errors and achieve high software quality.

AWS Technologies We Work With

Application and Data:

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon Redshift
Amazon VPC
Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
Amazon EBS
Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)
Amazon ECR (Elastic Container Registry)


Amazon API Gateway


Amazon CloudTrail
Amazon Secrets Manager
Amazon Cost Explorer
Amazon GuardDuty
Amazon IAM

How We Work

As a full cycle software development company, we synchronize our development approach with our clients’ business goals and project nuances to deliver the right solution in the right time. Explore our engagement models, and choose which one works best.

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