Custom Database Development Services

Custom Database Development Services

Lightpoint team provides custom database development tailored to meet your specific business needs and enable efficient data storage, retrieval, and management and cost. This customized approach ensures that the database aligns with unique business processes and enables better decision-making through organized and reliable data storage and analysis as well as enhancing data accuracy, security, and accessibility.

Database Development Services that we offer

We offer a comprehensive suite of database development services designed to empower your business with robust data solutions. From designing database structures and ensuring seamless data migration to optimizing performance and safeguarding against security threats, we provide end-to-end services tailored to your unique needs.

Database Design

Our developers create a schema that defines the structure of the database. It includes designing tables, specifying data types, and establishing relationships between tables to ensure efficient data storage and retrieval. We also visualize data relationships and schema design to enhance database understanding and organization.

Database Migration

We perform safe transfer of data from one system or database to another while maintaining data integrity and structure. This service minimizes downtime and potential data loss, ensuring that the data remains accessible and consistent in the new environment.

Performance and Scalability Optimization

We perform audit of existing database and work our strategy of its optimization. Then we improve the database performance by fine-tuning queries, indexing, and overall database architecture. Besides, we design solutions that allow the database to handle increasing volumes of data and user loads without significant performance degradation.

Reporting and Analytics

We build data and analytics solutions on top of the database that enables businesses to extract valuable and accurate insights from their data. Developers create customized queries, dashboards, and data visualization tools to support informed decision-making and user-friendly data representation.

Database Consolidation

We combine data from multiple storages within one storage to enable seamless data sharing and synchronization. It facilitates real-time data updates across systems, improving data accuracy and consistency. We also set up integrations with 3d-party apps (e.g. CRM, or marketing tools) and adapting databases for cloud platforms to gain scalability and cost-efficiency.

Database Testing

We evaluate the functionality, performance, and reliability of a database, aiming to identify issues like data inconsistencies, security vulnerabilities, and performance bottlenecks. Our engineers run various tests, including data validation, load testing, and security assessments, to ensure that the database functions as expected and can handle its intended workload.

Advantages of custom database development — from streamlined data to informed business

Our custom databases are a valuable asset for businesses that pays off in both the short and long term. Among benefits they bring to organizations are improved data quality, scalability, decision-making, and operational efficiency. Discover how custom database development by Lightpoint empowers businesses to gain a competitive edge in a data-driven environment.

Tailored Functionality

Custom databases that we build match the specific needs and processes of a concrete business. This ensures that the database aligns perfectly with the organization's unique data requirements, workflows, and objectives.

Effective Data Management

We deliver databases that enable more efficient data entry, retrieval, and reporting, reducing manual labor and minimizing the risk of errors. This translates to time savings for employees and faster response times in serving customers or making business decisions.

Better Decision-Making

Depending on the task, our databases can store data in the rudimentary structure that allows for building custom, flexible dashboards for various goals.This empowers decision-makers with the information they need to make data-driven choices. Businesses can analyze trends, identify opportunities, and address challenges more effectively.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our databases are designed as flexible and adaptable to changing business requirements from the very beginning. They can evolve alongside the organization, accommodating new or changing data structures, processes, or technologies as needed. They can also be easily expanded to accommodate increasing data volumes and user demands without significant disruptions to operations.

Types of databases we develop

 We build databases from scratch to meet specific business needs and industry specifics, be it Martech, Healthcare, Fintech, Publishing, or any other domain. Here are major types of custom databases tailored for various business applications (but this is not an exhausting list).

Inventory Management Database

Tracks stock levels, order history, and product details, helping businesses optimize inventory, reduce holding costs, ensure product availability and allow for purchasing analysis for future inventory planning.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Database

Stores customer information, interactions, and sales data to enhance customer service, target marketing efforts, and improve customer retention.

Employee Management Database

Manages employee records, payroll, attendance, and performance data, streamlining HR processes and ensuring compliance.

Project Management Database

Organizes project details, timelines, tasks, and resource allocation, facilitating efficient project planning, monitoring, and collaboration.

Financial Database

Handles financial transactions, budgeting, and reporting, providing accurate financial insights and aiding in financial planning and analysis, ensuring secure and organized financial data management.

Healthcare Database

Stores patient records, medical histories, appointments,, ensuring secure and organized healthcare data management.

E-commerce Database

Manages product listings, orders, customer profiles, and payment processing, enabling efficient online sales and personalized shopping experiences.

Educational Database

Stores student records, course schedules, grades, and administrative information, supporting educational institutions in managing academic data.

Content Management Database

Stores and organizes digital content, such as articles, images, and videos, making it easy to publish, update, and retrieve content for websites and applications.

Manufacturing Database

Tracks production processes, materials, quality control, and supply chain data, optimizing manufacturing operations and ensuring product quality.

Our Portfolio

We completed 130+ projects as a software development outsourcing company, delivering custom software solutions to startups, SMBs, and enterprises across industries. From creating tailored web applications, databases, and data platforms to providing specialized software for business optimization and automation, our portfolio reflects our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology that drives success for clients.
Development of a Data consolidation and analytics platform for a US analytical agency
Website Visitor Identification Software for a Marketing and Sales Automation Corporation
Development of an ETL-pipeline and integration with BI tools for a US-based digital publishing company
Loan Management System Based on Salesforce

Who we do it for


Custom databases we deliver to publishing businesses efficiently manage vast amounts of content, including articles, images, and multimedia assets. They enable content categorization, version control, and streamlined publishing workflows. Our custom databases also support user authentication, enabling tailored user experiences and content access. They can also provide analytics for content performance, helping publishers make informed editorial decisions and enhance their online presence.
In the healthcare domain, we build custom databases that offer secure and organized data management for patient records, medical histories, treatment plans, and billing information. Our solutions enable efficient data retrieval, support decision-making, and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations. Additionally, they can facilitate integration with healthcare systems, enabling seamless sharing of patient information among healthcare providers for better patient care coordination.
We provide database development services to the Fintech domain to ensure robust data security, scalability, and real-time transaction processing. Our solutions support complex financial data modeling, fraud detection, and compliance with regulatory requirements. We deliver databases for managing user accounts, transaction histories, and financial instruments while ensuring data integrity and enabling rapid and secure financial transactions.
In the Martech domain, our custom database development enables marketers to centralize customer data, track campaign performance, and segment audiences for highly targeted marketing efforts. Our databases offer to store and analyze vast amounts of customer behavior data, facilitating personalized marketing strategies, real-time campaign monitoring, and effective customer engagement. That empower Martech businesses to optimize their marketing efforts and drive better ROI.

The Lightpoint difference

Throughout our 12-years story, we gathered a vast experience in full-cycle development of bespoke software products that are highly customizable and focused on specific business tasks. Here are some competitive edges that we believe our team possesses in terms of custom database development.

Data-savvy Team

Our team has a solid, proven experience in development of data processing and analytics software. That’s why we can choose a best-fit development approach, set of features, and toolkit, that results in accurate, reliable, and error-free solutions, including databases.

Data integrity

We ensure accuracy and reliability of data in a database which means that data remains consistent throughout its lifecycle, from creation and storage to retrieval and processing. That prevents unauthorized alterations, corruption, or loss of data, maintaining its trustworthiness for decision-making and operations.

Long-term advantage

We put emphasis on how the database system processes queries, stores data, and performs operations, fine-tuning such metrics as query response time, throughput, and resource utilization. We also verify the database handles increased data volumes and user loads, which makes it efficient in the long run.

Tech stack

We employ a robust tech stack for custom database development that encompasses a versatile mix of programming languages, database management systems, frameworks, and tools, ensuring end-to-end data management while accommodating a wide range of industry-specific needs.

Databases/ Data Storages:

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Azure SQL Database, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Hive, MongoDB

Cloud Databases,warehouses, and storage:

Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB, Amazon RDS, Amazon Elasticache, Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Kinect DK, Azure RTOS, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Datastore, ClickHouse


AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

Real-time data processing tools:

RabbitMQ, Spark Streaming, Kafla streams, Amazon Kenesis. Azure Event Hubs, Azure Stream Analytics

BI tools

Power BI, Tableau

How We Work

As a full cycle software development company, we synchronize our development approach with our clients’ business goals and project nuances to deliver the right solution in the right time. Explore our engagement models, and choose which one works best.

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