Custom Computer Vision Software Development Services

Custom Computer Vision Software Development Services

We create tailored software solutions that utilize computer vision technology. Our computer vision as a service covers analyzing and interpreting visual data and help businesses across various domains, such as healthcare, automotive, retail, and manufacturing, to automate tasks, enhance security, and improve processes efficiency.

We ensure that the software aligns precisely with the client's requirements, allowing them to harness the full potential of computer vision for their unique applications.

Our Computer Vision Solutions

We deliver high-quality, feature-rich computer vision software solutions, prioritizing accuracy in object recognition and detection while maintaining robustness in various conditions, as well as scalability, flexibility, and compatibility with different hardware and data sources. Our clients can also leverage user-friendly interfaces and adherence to ethical and privacy standards.

Object Detection and Recognition

Identify and locate objects in images, distinguishing between various object types to enable automation, security, and inventory management.

Face Recognition

Identify and verify individuals by analyzing facial features, reinforcing security, access control, authentication, and personalized user experiences in various industries.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert printed or handwritten text from images or documents into machine-readable text, facilitating document digitization, data extraction, and automation of text-based tasks.

Gesture Recognition

Enable interpretation of hand or body movements, facilitating intuitive device control and interaction with digital interfaces in applications like gaming, virtual reality, and human-computer interaction.

Medical Image Analysis

Analyze medical images (e.g., X-rays, MRIs) to facilitate disease diagnosis, patient health tracking, and surgical planning, enhancing healthcare decision-making and patient care.

Scene Understanding

Comprehend entire scenes by identifying objects, their relationships, and context in images, supporting robotics, augmented reality, and navigation applications.

Visual Search

Implement product search using images as queries, enabling e-commerce platforms to offer similar product recommendations based on uploaded images.

Anomaly Detection

Identify unusual patterns or outliers in visual data, facilitating quality control, fraud detection, and maintenance by detecting deviations from expected norms in various applications.

Advanced Opportunities that Our Computer Vision Services Bring to Businesses

Building custom computer vision software, we intend to contribute to operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and strategic decision-making, making it a valuable asset for businesses across various industries. Our solutions empower businesses by automating tasks, enhancing security, improving customer engagement, and providing valuable data-driven insights. Explore these benefits in more detail.

Automation and Efficiency

Our computer vision software automates tasks that typically require human intervention. This reduces labor costs, speeds up processes, and minimizes errors. For instance, in manufacturing, we can automate quality control inspections, leading to consistent product quality and cost savings.

Enhanced Data Analysis

We build solutions that extract valuable insights from visual data, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions. This data can include customer behavior analysis, product performance metrics, and trend identification, helping companies refine their strategies.

Improved Security

Computer vision software that we develop provides robust security techniques, including facial recognition and object detection. This is used in access control systems, surveillance, and fraud prevention, enhancing overall security protection.

Customer Engagement

Our computer vision solutions enhance customer experiences and product discoverability. For example, visual search and augmented reality applications improve product discovery and engagement, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Cost Reduction

Automation and error reduction that our software delivers lead to cost savings. Businesses can optimize operations, minimize waste, and reduce the need for manual labor.

Competitive Edge

Companies that we help to embrace computer vision technology early gain a competitive advantage. They can offer innovative solutions, improve product quality, and stay ahead of industry trends.

Data Insights

Visual data that our software analyzes can reveal patterns and trends that may not be apparent through other means. Businesses can leverage these insights for marketing campaigns, product development, and customer personalization, driving growth and profitability.


Computer vision solutions that we build are scalable, adapting to changing business needs. As companies grow, these solutions can handle larger datasets, more complex operations, and increased customer demands, ensuring long-term flexibility and viability.

Who we do it for

Our computer vision solutions are applicable in various domains due to their capacity to process visual data. Having 12+ years of experience in developing vertical-specific software, we stick to each industry standard, regulations, and best practices to ensure high accuracy and security of the final computer vision application.


Computer vision software that we create for publishing businesses automates content analysis, enabling text extraction from scanned documents and images. It assists in categorizing and tagging visual assets for efficient content management. Facial recognition and sentiment analysis help gauge reader reactions to editorial content. Visual search enhances user experiences by finding related images or content. We deliver these capabilities to streamline content production and management while improving audience engagement.
For healthcare organizations, we offer medical image analysis, enabling the accurate interpretation of X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. It aids in disease diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring patient health. Additionally, our computer vision software assists in automating administrative tasks like patient data entry and streamlines processes, reducing manual errors, and improving overall patient care and operational efficiency.


Our computer vision services for Fintech businesses facilitate enhanced security through facial recognition and identity verification. They automate document processing tasks like check reading and form validation, reducing errors and processing times. Visual data analysis helps detect fraudulent activities by identifying unusual patterns in transactions. Moreover, our solutions assist in optimizing user experiences through gesture-based interactions and augmented reality applications for financial planning and visualization.


Computer vision development services we deliver in the Martech domain enhances marketing efforts by analyzing visual content to gain insights into consumer preferences and behavior. They enable image recognition for product recommendations, track brand logos and mentions in social media, and assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through facial expression analysis. We implement these computer vision services to help marketers refine their strategies, improve targeting, and enhance customer engagement.

Our Portfolio

Lightpoint’s team is dedicated to delivering innovative and tailored software development services that address complex challenges and drive success for businesses of all sizes: startups, SMBs, or enterprises. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects and our commitment to orchestrate software capabilities and business objectives of our clients.
Medical System Software: Automating record-keeping in medical research
Development of a financial assistant app for an Eastern European bank
Loan Management System Based on Salesforce
Subscriber Concierge Tool for Publishers

How We Work

As a full cycle software development company, we synchronize our development approach with our clients’ business goals and project nuances to deliver the right solution in the right time. Explore our engagement models, and choose which one works best.

Tech stack

For providing computer vision services, we employ a well-rounded tech stack to handle various tasks, from data processing to machine learning, as well as stay updated with emerging tools and technologies in the field.

Programming Languages

Matlab, Python

Frameworks and Libraries:

NumPy, Caffe, OpenCV, TesseractOCR, MatConvNet


Windows, Linux

Databases and Storages:

MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Hive

Cloud Databases

Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Kinect DK, Azure RTOS, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Datastore, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB, Amazon RDS, Amazon Elasticache


Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud

Cloud Services:

Azure Face, Azure Custom Vision, Azure Form Recognizer, Amazon Recognition, Cloud Vision API

The Lightpoint difference

In this brief exploration, we delve into three key advantages that make Lightpoint team a strategic choice for computer vision software development, from our profound expertise and precision to innovative spirit and scalability.

Expertise and Specialization

We have a team of highly specialized professionals (72% of them are senior-level) with expertise in computer vision services, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science as a service. This in-depth knowledge ensures our solutions are suitable for complex visual tasks and tailored to specific industry needs.

Efficiency and Accuracy

We design computer vision software to automate tasks that would be time-consuming and error-prone for humans. This results in increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, and improved accuracy, as our software enhances precision and consistency in processes.

Innovation and Scalability

We continuously research and adopt the latest advancements in computer vision, AI & ML, ensuring that our solutions remain competitive and relevant. Additionally, we offer solutions that are scalable, capable of handling growing datasets and evolving business needs, providing long-term value for clients.

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