Custom Healthcare Software Development

Custom Healthcare Software Development

Robust, compliant and secure healthcare solutions that enhance patient care, improve workflows and accelerate payments.

Lightpoint team provides healthcare software development services to hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and medical practices. We create custom healthcare solutions, such as medical portals, EHR/EMR systems, payment processing tools and more, letting clinicians, patients, insurers and administrators access and process vital data rapidly and securely.

Our healthcare software development expertise helps to address the unique needs and challenges of the healthcare industry.

Faster processing, better patient care

Custom healthcare software development services that we provide enable efficient electronic health records management, seamless practice operations, telemedicine accessibility, accurate medical imaging analysis, and effective laboratory information management. This fosters patient satisfaction, operational efficiency, data integrity, and adherence to healthcare standards, ultimately driving better healthcare outcomes and organizational success.
We ensure rapid access to data at the clinical level that facilitates diagnostics and treatment, as well as reduces burdensome administrative overhead. We also set up payments processing and automated invoicing to ease claims process and self-pay bottlenecking.

For clinicians
Leverage streamlined access to electronic health records, diagnostic imaging tools, patient history insights, secure communication channels, and clinical decision support systems to make informed decisions, improve diagnostic accuracy and as well as treatment effectiveness, and simplify administrative tasks.
For patients
Enable access to electronic health records, appointment scheduling, medication reminders, telemedicine consultations, secure communication with healthcare providers, and personalized health management tools, empowering individuals to take an active role in their healthcare journey.
Our team builds custom solutions to your specifications. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, call us up and give us the question. We’ll create bespoke tools to fit your business needs.

Healthcare Software Solutions for clinicians, administrators and patients

We offer healthcare software development that frees clinicians from unwieldy legacy systems, requiring static workstations, multiple databases and manual data entry. That allows healthcare providers to accelerate treatment, improve outcomes, and enable patients to supply medical records, insurance details and personal histories with a few clicks. Explore all capabilities of solutions Lightpoint team can build from scratch as a bespoke software development company.
Healthcare data analytics

Use custom analytics tools based on machine learning and big data to derive real, actionable insights from patient and administrative records.

Compliance and security

Ensure compliance with key regulations and legislation like HIPAA and HITECH of your custom software as well as secure delivery, processing, and storing your data.

Healthcare portals

Provide patients, healthcare providers, and administrators with access to medical records, appointments, communication tools, and health-related resources for efficient healthcare management.

Supply chain and stock management

Manage hospital equipment supplies and stocks dynamically and easily with integrated supply chain, procurement and inventory tracking software. Leverage IoT integrations to track items in real time across locations.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) system

Store and manage patients' medical information, facilitating efficient access, sharing, and management of healthcare data among authorized professionals.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system

Leverage a digital repository for medical information, focusing on patient-specific data within a healthcare facility, aiding in clinical treatment and management.


Integrate EMR and EHR solutions with CRM, HR, and the rest of your tech stack, feeding data seamlessly between your tools and improving patient retention, efficiency and performance.


Facilitate remote consultations, prescription and patient/clinician data exchange via Telehealth functionality such as device-agnostic store-and-forward, streaming media, remote monitoring of patients' health, and more.

End-to-end healthcare software development process

We follow a structured custom healthcare software development process to deliver a functional and secure solution. Throughout collaboration between healthcare experts from the client side and our developers and IT consultants we create efficient healthcare software solutions. We follow the below mentioned steps:


Business analysis:We gather and document the specific needs and goals of your healthcare organization, considering workflows, features, user roles, security, and regulatory compliance.


Design and Planning: We create a detailed system architecture, intuitive user interface designs, and data models. Our team also plans the development phases, technologies, and technology stack to be used.


Development: The developers write, test, and integrate the code based on the design and requirements. They develop and implement core functionalities such as patient record management, appointment scheduling, integrations with 3d-party systems, security measures, and other.


Testing and Quality Assurance: Our QA engineers rigorously test the software for functionality, usability, security, and performance to identify and fix bugs, ensure data accuracy, and validate compliance with healthcare regulations.


Deployment and Maintenance: We launch the software in the healthcare environment, provide training to users, and offer ongoing technical support. As well as continuously update and enhance the software to adapt to changing needs and technologies.

Benefits from our Healthcare Software Development Services

By harnessing the capabilities of our healthcare software development services, medical organizations can enhance patient care, streamline operations, foster innovation, and position themselves for long-term success in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Efficient Patient Management

We can help automating patient registration, appointment scheduling, and record-keeping for smoother patient management and reduced administrative burden.

Enhanced Clinical Decision-Making

Clinicians can get a quick access to patient histories, test results, and treatment options for more informed and accurate decision-making.

Improved Patient Engagement

We create solutions that enable patients to access their health records, receive reminders for appointments and medications, enhancing their involvement in their healthcare journey.

Data-Driven Insights

Medical institutions can analyze patient data, trends, and outcomes, providing insights for proactive care management, resource allocation, and quality improvement.

Efficient Workflow Management

We can automate administrative tasks, appointment scheduling, and billing processes, optimizing workflow efficiency and reducing operational bottlenecks.

Interoperability and Communication

We can facilitate seamless data exchange between different departments and healthcare systems, fostering better collaboration and continuity of care.

Research and Innovation

We support research initiatives by facilitating data collection, analysis, and collaboration among researchers, fostering innovation and advancements in medical knowledge.

Compliance and Security

We adhere to healthcare regulations like HIPAA, ensuring data security and patient confidentiality while reducing legal and regulatory risks.

Tech stack

How We Work

As a full cycle software development company, we synchronize our development approach with our clients’ business goals and project nuances to deliver the right solution in the right time. Explore our engagement models, and choose which one works best.

Our Portfolio

After 12+ years of work with startups, midsize businesses, and enterprises, our track record accounts for 130+ projects, including healthcare software development. Lightpoint company blends cutting-edge technology with deep domain knowledge to create innovative software that drives efficiency and improves business outcomes.

Medical System Software: Automating record-keeping in medical research
Human Resources Management System for a Mortgage Compan
Loan Management System Based on Salesforce
Access Control System for mobile devices

The Lightpoint difference

Our healthcare software development expertise hinges on the synergy of healthcare knowledge, regulatory compliance, and advanced software engineering to create solutions that elevate patient care, operational efficiency, and data security.

Clinical Workflow Understanding

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of healthcare processes and clinical workflows that enables us to create functional, multi-purpose, and secure software that enhances healthcare provider efficiency, and patient care.

Regulatory Compliance

We have deep understanding of industry regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and other data protection laws. We ensure that the healthcare software development services we provide meet these stringent requirements and maintain patient data privacy and security.

Interoperability and Integration

We also have expertise in creating software that can seamlessly integrate with other services and allows us to develop interconnected and effective healthcare software solutions.

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