Recommendation System Development

Recommendation System Development

We develop custom recommendation systems that analyze user behavior and preferences to suggest items or content tailored to their personal interests.

Based on flexible, data-driven algorithms, our systems generate personalized offers, enhancing user experience, engagement, and likelihood to convert.

Types of Recommendation Systems You Can Choose From

We built recommendation systems of various types, and each type has its specific algorithm and value. The choice depends on factors such as available data, user behavior, and the nature of the items being recommended.

Collaborative Filtering

We develop recommendation systems that analyze the preferences and behaviors of similar users. They can be user-based (recommending items liked by users with similar tastes) or item-based (recommending items similar to those previously liked by the user).

Content-Based Filtering

We deliver recommendation systems that analyze attributes or features of the items themselves and a profile of the user's preferences. They recommend items that are similar in content or characteristics to those the user has liked or interacted with in the past.

Hybrid Recommendation Systems

We deliver systems that combine multiple recommendation approaches, such as collaborative filtering and content-based filtering, to overcome limitations and improve recommendation accuracy.

Knowledge-Based Recommendation System

We develop systems that utilize explicit knowledge about items and user preferences to generate recommendations. These systems often incorporate domain-specific expertise or rules to personalize recommendations.

Context-Aware Recommendation Systems

We deliver recommendation systems that consider additional contextual information such as time, location, or device to offer more relevant and timely suggestions to users.

Association Rule Mining

We develop recommendation systems that analyze patterns in user behavior to identify associations between different items. Based on these associations, they suggest items that were frequently purchased or used together.

How Personal Recommendations Pay Off to Businesses: 4 Key Benefits

Where consumers are inundated with choices, your business may face the challenge of standing out amidst the noise. By developing recommendations systems, we help businesses to deepen the level of offer relevance and capture the attention of their audience. Explore positive effects that you can drive with tailored recommendation systems in more detail below.

Personalized Customer Experience

Suggest items that align closely with what a customer is likely to enjoy or find useful and increase overall customer experience, as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Present relevant options to customers at the right time and in the right context to drive more conversions and upsell/cross-sell opportunities, which leads to increased transactions and revenue streams. 

Customer Engagement and Retention

Keep customers engaged with the business's offerings, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases and long-term loyalty. By consistently delivering value through tailored suggestions, you can strengthen your relationships with customers and reduce churn rates. 

Data Insights

Collect valuable data on customer preferences, behaviors, and interactions. Leverage these insights to identify emerging patterns and make informed decisions on product development, marketing strategies, and inventory management, adapting to changing customer needs more accurately.

Who we do it for

We develop recommendation systems from scratch and incorporate data analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyze user preferences and behaviors, making them adaptable to various industries. Whether you are providing products, content, or services, the system tailors experiences to individual needs with domain specifics in mind. 


E- publishing   

E-publishing businesses can leverage our recommendation systems to suggest personalized reading materials and improve content discovery. By getting insights on user preferences and behavior, they can enhance the browsing experience and drive content consumption, ultimately boosting user satisfaction and long-term loyalty. 


 With our recommendation systems, Martech businesses can personalize marketing campaigns, enable dynamic content suggestions, and tailor cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, thus optimizing campaign performance, user engagement, and increasing revenue generation. 


Our recommendation systems can offer fintech users personalized investment advice, suggest financial products tailored to individual needs, and detect fraudulent activities. Thus, businesses can improve customer satisfaction, and mitigate security risks. 


Healthcare providers can utilize our recommendation systems to suggest tailored healthcare services and products, as well as appointment options. This helps to strengthen their online presence and contribute to personalized healthcare delivery. 

Tech stack

The tech stack we employ for recommendation system development typically includes frameworks for machine learning and data processing, along with programming languages commonly used for data analysis and modeling. Additionally, scalable storage solutions and distributed computing frameworks are employed to handle large volumes of data efficiently. 

Programming Languages

Golang, Python, SQL, T-SQL

Technologies / Frameworks / Libraries

Django, Numpy, Pandas, Docker, Airflow, Jenkins, Grafana, Prometheus

ETL Tools

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Data Integration Platforms

Apache Kafka, Apache Airflow

Data Storage and Databases

Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, MongoDB, DynamoDB, AWS S3, ClickHouse, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake

Data Science

TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Numpy, Dask, Matplotlib

Predictive analytics

XGBoost, CatBoost, LightGBM


NLTK, Spacy, DeepPavlov, fastText, Pymorphy2, HuggingFace


ETL Testing, Data Quality, Test Automation

BI tools

Power BI, Tableau


OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Methodologies: Agile, Scrum

Our Portfolio

Since 2011, we’ve delivered 130+ projects to SMBs, startups, and enterprises, empowering businesses to leverage their data for informed decision-making and fine-tuned personalization of customer experiences. 

Development of a Data consolidation and analytics platform for a US analytical agency
Development of an ETL-pipeline and integration with BI tools for a US-based digital publishing company
Self-Service Portal for Publishers
Medical System Software: Automating record-keeping in medical research

How We Work

As a full cycle software development company, we synchronize our development approach with our clients’ business goals and project nuances to deliver the right solution in the right time. Explore our engagement models, and choose which one works best.

The Lightpoint difference

Building a successful recommendation system is a multifaceted endeavor that demands a combination of specialized skills and expertise. Lightpoint’s team plays a graceful role in this process, bringing together competencies spanning data analysis, machine learning, software engineering, and domain knowledge.

Data Analysis and Modeling Skills

We possess strong expertise in data analysis and modeling techniques, including ML algorithms and statistical methods. This enables us to effectively analyze large datasets, derive meaningful insights, and build accurate recommendation models.

Strong Engineering Skills

We are well-versed in designing modular, scalable, and maintainable software architecture that can handle structured and unstructured data and easily adapt to fast changing business requirements.

Domain Knowledge

Knowledge of Martech, e-publishing, Fintech, and Healthcare domains enables us to develop recommendation systems that are not only technically sound but also align with the business goals and objectives of the organization.

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