Software Testing and QA services

Software Testing and QA services

Ensure your software is fully functional, bug-free, and user-friendly.

As a software testing service provider, we identify potential risks before the deployment in order to reduce the number of critical failures, data breaches, and budget loss.Lightpoint’s dedicated QA team tests software functionality, UI and performance, ensuring seamless integration and compliance.

Best in class software testing

Lightpoint uses a custom, comprehensive mix of testing methodologies, tailored to your software and customer needs. Providing you the most rigorous and effective QA and testing services, we ensure that when you’re ready to launch, and afterwards, your software is fully functional.

We deliver both software testing to validate that the software functions as intended and operates without defects, and quality assurance, that is a broader set of activities that are designed to ensure the entire software development process is carried out in a systematic and controlled manner to deliver a high-quality product.

Software testing
Subjecting completed software to rigorous testing to spot flaws and correct them prior to launch. Our focus is on finding issues in the software, which can be anything from functional bugs to performance bottlenecks or security vulnerabilities. The primary goal is to detect and fix defects in the software to mitigate reputational, financial, and legal risks after the release.
Quality Assurance
Structured QA processes audit, setup and inspection throughout every stage of your project: from requirements gathering to a product launch. We focus on establishing robust methodologies, conducting reviews, and maintaining consistency throughout the development lifecycle to deliver reliable and satisfactory outcomes.
What’s your challenge?
If your business has outgrown your tech, we can help. Get in touch to tell us where you’d like to go. We’ll build the tools to get you there.

Software testing and QA services we provide

 We deliver the whole range of software quality assurance and testing services to guarantee the software solution functions properly and in line with the business and technical requirements. While conducting various types of testing, our team uncovers different kinds of defects, vulnerabilities, and performance issues to improve overall test coverage and deliver a robust and reliable software product.

Manual testing
Our team manually tests the functionality of your software, laying the foundation for automated testing and checking software feasibility.
We’ll write scripts to automate end-to-end, unit, integration and performance tests, facilitating continuous delivery and integration and improving code quality.
API testing
SOAP and REST API testing to validate correctness in responses and data, testing rapidly to identify bugs across builds and integrations.
We’ll do end-to-end functional testing of your new or existing product to ensure your application functions as intended.
QA management planning
We’ll create, structure and implement QA management as part of your overall quality management efforts.
Formal technical review
The Lightpoint team carries out formal technical reviews to identify errors in function, logic and implementation, providing a structure for improvement.
Multi-testing strategy
Lightpoint carries out automated and manual tests, analysing software products with the full range of available techniques and tools to clearly identify weaknesses.

We evaluate how well a system performs under specific conditions and workloads to ensure speed, stability, and scalability of the software.

We identify and assess vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential threats in your software to safeguard against security breaches and unauthorized access.

Lightpoint team identifies potential usability issues and ensures the interface is intuitive, visually appealing, and meets user expectations for ease of use and functionality.

Objectives we help to attain by software testing and QA

We help our clients to add value to your business by optimizing full-cycle software development processes, ensuring consistent quality, reducing the risk of defects, enhancing customer satisfaction, and improving time-to-market. Our software quality assurance and testing services enable businesses to leverage high-quality software products, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty and positive brand reputation.

Detecting and resolving defects early in the development process is more cost-effective than addressing them after deployment. We test software to reduce overall development costs by minimizing rework and avoiding potential losses due to software failures.

Consistent Product Quality

We establish standardized QA processes and best practices, ensuring a consistent level of quality across software development. This leads to reliable and predictable outcomes, reducing the risk of defects and improving customer experiences.

Customer Satisfaction and Trust

We tested the software product thoroughly to ensure it performs as expected, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Positive user experiences result in increased customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and higher chances of repeat business.

T2M acceleration

We ensure that the QA and development process adheres to industry standards and best practices. By streamlining workflows and focusing on quality, businesses can achieve more efficient development cycles, faster time-to-market, and better resource utilization.

Competitive Advantage

We deliver a high-quality, bug-free product that sets a business apart from competitors whose software may have issues. Such a reliable software system enhances the company's reputation, positioning it better in the market and attracting more customers.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirement

Depending on the industry, software may need to comply with various regulations and standards. We implement and enhance QA to ensure that the software adheres to these requirements, thus helping to avoid penalties and legal complications.

Our portfolio

With a team of experienced testers, we offer a wide range of services, including functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and automation testing, enabling businesses to release reliable and bug-free software on time and within budget. We’re proud of our work. You’re welcome to view our entire portfolio, but here are some highlights:

Electronic Payment System for Global Fintech Market
Website Visitor Identification Software for a Marketing and Sales Automation Corporation
Medical System Software: Automating record-keeping in medical research
Access Control System for mobile devices

How We Work

As a full cycle software development company, we synchronize our development approach with our clients’ business goals and project nuances to deliver the right solution in the right time. Explore our engagement models, and choose which one works best.

Who we do it for

We deliver software QA and testing services across different industries.. Below you can see our focus domains where we have rich, hands-on experience in testing:


We thoroughly check if publishing software functions flawlessly, delivers content accurately, and provides an optimal user experience, enhancing reader satisfaction and engagement.
In the healthcare domain, we validate that medical software complies with industry regulations, maintains patient data privacy, and delivers accurate clinical information, contributing to patient safety and improved healthcare outcomes.
We verify that financial operations and access are secure, accurate, and reliable. We validate transactional processes, verify compliance with financial regulations, and protect sensitive data, instilling trust in users.
We conduct testing and quality assurance of marketing tools to ensure that they function correctly, deliver accurate data, and maintain data privacy. The result is optimized marketing campaigns, improved customer experiences, and meeting regulatory compliance.

The Lightpoint difference

Focused on the business goal, mindful of the end-user, Lightpoint is a trusted development partner. For 12 years on the market working for organizations from different domains and sizes (from startups to mid-sized businesses and enterprises), we’ve worked out a set of approaches that help us to maximize efficiency of custom software development, testing, and QA:

Testing Expertise

Our QAengineers possess strong testing skills and expertise in various QA & testing techniques and methodologies. This includes proficiency in manual testing, test automation, performance testing, security testing, and other specialized areas. Their knowledge allows them to design and execute effective testing strategies, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the software and robust QA process.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is an asset of our QA engineers that helps them to identify even the smallest defects and potential issues in the software. We meticulously review requirements, execute test cases, and analyze test results to ensure the software meets quality standards and functions as expected. By paying close attention to every aspect, we guarantee the delivery of high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly software.

Streamlined Communication

Advanced collaboration and communication skills are what allow our testing and QA specialists to work seamlessly with the development team and other stakeholders. We convey our findings clearly, report bugs accurately, and provide actionable feedback to the development team for prompt resolution. Strong communication ensures smooth coordination and alignment throughout the testing process.

Software testing and QA technologies we work with

Tech stack we use for our software QA and testing services encompasses a wide range of tools and frameworks to automate, streamline, and enhance the testing process. We apply test automation tools, bug tracking systems, performance testing tools, and more. They aid in efficient test execution, accurate bug identification, and increase efficiency of our QA services and software development lifecycle.

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Contact us if you need an objective assessment of your software product. Our dedicated team will validate all aspects of your software against specified requirements and industry standards to provide you with an unbiased perspective.

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