Managed Service Provider Platform Development

Managed Service Provider Platform Development

We develop custom managed service provider software to remotely monitor, manage, and support MSP clients' IT infrastructure.

Our MSP software we create enables client data centralization, automated reporting, asset management, budget and resources planning, proactive issue resolution, and the scalability needed to support multiple clients. The result is accurate, reliable data, faster onboarding, and highly automated workflows across MSP teams, which reduces human error and accelerates delivery to clients.

Key Features of Our MSP Software Solutions

While developing managed service provider software, we help MSPs to streamline workflows as well as reduce manual effort and data fragmentation while ensuring that technology infrastructure of their clients is secure and well-maintained. Explore the features that we can include in custom MSP software as well as tasks that they cover.

Automated Documentation and Reporting

Remove handwritten spreadsheets with pre-build, customizable templates to automate Strategic Technology Assessments, QBRs, technology checkups, executive summaries, and any other type of assessments and reports.

Project Roadmapping

Create a detailed plan of IT infrastructure advancements: define steps and timeline, add descriptions and attachments, set priorities and status, ensuring project transparency and clarity of goals and KPIs.

Asset Management

Integrate with PSA and warranty services to easily import and keep a record of hardware and software assets of clients, making it easier to manage licenses, warranty, upgrades, or patch deployments.

Billing and Invoicing

Generate invoices, track service usage, and ensure accurate and timely billing for services rendered, while also enhancing the MSPs’ ability to track revenue and manage contracts.

Budget Calculation

Calculate budget of your future projects to provide clients with transparent, long-term assessment, facilitating cost control and financial planning.

Resource Scheduling

Plan and assign tasks, appointments, and projects to available staff, ensuring optimal work distribution and minimized scheduling conflicts.

Custom Widgets and Dashboards

Define the options of data visualization like displayed metrics, KPIs, widgets, graphs, charts, tables, and more that suits your project needs most.

Import files from other sources

Import pictures, docs, schemas, and other types of files to complement your reports and manage all data from one place.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Monitor and control client networks, devices, and systems remotely, including real-time performance monitoring and proactive issue detection.

Ticketing and Service Desk

Embed a ticketing system for tracking and managing customer support requests, ensuring timely responses and issue resolution.

Orchestrated IT Management: Benefits of MSP Software

We build custom MSP solutions to automate and streamline processes of IT ecosystem management, which results in optimization of workload, business capacity, and transparency. Delve into more advantages that our MSP development brings to the table.

Centralized project management

Managed service provider software we create provides a single platform for planning, tracking, and overseeing multiple projects across clients. It offers a unified view of project status, resource allocation, and timelines, allowing service providers to efficiently manage tasks and deliverables from one central location.

Data centralization and accuracy

MSP monitoring software we build consolidates critical information about client IT environments into a single repository, allows for creation, customization, editing, storing, and analysis of all MSP-related documentation, offloading your team from manual spreadsheet manipulations and preventing errors and data loss.

Accelerated service delivery

MSP software that we develop automates routine tasks like QBRs and other reporting, strategic assessments and planning, budgeting and billing, system monitoring and issue resolution, and more, allowing MSPs to embrace more clients and focus on strategic service improvements

Reduced risks of disruptions and downtime

MSP platforms that we deliver continuously monitor client systems and networks and detect potential issues like performance bottlenecks or security vulnerabilities, before they cause disruptions. Real-time alerts and automated responses enable MSPs to address problems swiftly, minimizing downtime risks.

Improved customer satisfaction

We develop MSP platforms that offer proactive issue resolution, real-time progress track, quick response times, transparent reporting and accessible information that fosters customer comfort and trust, converting in long-term partnerships.

Global reach

We create MSP solutions for service providers to monitor and support clients' systems worldwide from a centralized location. This allows MSPs to expand their client base to international markets, offering consistent, high-quality services irrespective of geographical boundaries.

From Vision to Reality: Navigating the MSP Software Creation

We develop managed service provider software from scratch to tailor it to unique functional requirements, workflows, data processing needs, and clients’ specifics of MSP providers. Here is a brief roadmap we follow when IT MSP software development.


Planning and Requirements Gathering

We analyze client needs and requirements, analyze project scope, and objectives, then set up the project roadmap, estimate approximate timelines and budgets.


UI/UX Design and Architecture

We create a blueprint for the future MSP software, including database structures, user interfaces, and system workflows, paying attention to user experience and interface design.


Development and Coding

Our developers write the actual code, implementing features and functionalities as specified in the requirements, and following coding best practices to maintain code quality.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Our QA testing team conducts various types of testing to ensure the MSP platform functions as intended, focusing on performance, security, and quality standards


Deployment and Maintenance

We roll out the MSP platform, set up the necessary infrastructure, and provide ongoing support and updates to maintain reliability and security while addressing evolving issues.

Tech stack

From database management and cloud integration technologies to security monitoring and UI/UX design tools, our comprehensive tech stack ensures that we deliver high-performing MSP software and reliable web development services.

Our work

Our full cycle software development company, which delivers client-oriented solutions for for more than 12 yearshas successfully completed 150+ projects for startups, SMBs, and enterprises across the globe.
Electronic Payment System for Global Fintech Market
Medical System Software: Automating record-keeping in medical research
Customer Engagement Platform for Digital Publishing and Media Companies
Website Visitor Identification Software for a Marketing and Sales Automation Corporation

The Lightpoint difference

Developing MSP solutions is a complex task that requires multi-faceted experience and comprehensive understanding of business logic. We believe we have a competitive edge, and you can see the major aspects of it below

Proficiency in data consolidation

We have rich experience in data consolidation, which involves the ability to integrate data from disparate sources into a unified format, eliminating inconsistencies and redundancies. Thus, we ensure smooth and correct functioning of the MSP platform, namely, features like real-time monitoring, automated reporting, and workflow coordination.

Smooth 3d-party integrations

Having in-depth knowledge of various APIs, data exchange protocols, and third-party tools commonly used in IT environments, we ensure seamless connection between MSP platforms and external systems. Thus, MSPs can manage, monitor, and support client networks, applications, and devices through a unified interface, not facing compatibility issues.

User-centric approach

We prioritize user needs, simplifying navigation, and ensuring that MSP platform features are easily accessible. The result is maximized user productivity and minimized learning curve, which facilitates fast and accurate service delivery, prompt issue handling, and fast employee onboarding.

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