Customer Service Portals

Customer Service Portals

We have 12+ years of expereince in developing bespoke customer service portals that allow staff members to resolve tasks related to customer support: manage tickets, handle customer inquiries, update customer profiles, and much more. Our aim is to provide businesses with opportunities for turn-key case resolution with minimized customer involvement, which improves response times and elevates service quality. 

Essential Components of Customer Service Platforms

When developing customer support portals, we encompass a range of essential features designed to empower your support teams, optimize workflows, deliver exceptional service experiences, and cover other tasks per your individual demands.

Ticket Management 

Allows agents to create, assign, prioritize, and track customer inquiries or issues through a centralized system. 

Knowledge Base Access

Incorporates a repository of articles, FAQs, tutorials, and troubleshooting guides to assist agents in resolving customer queries efficiently. 

Reporting and Analytics

Provides insights into key performance metrics such as response times, resolution rates, customer satisfaction scores, and agent productivity.

Customer History and Profiles

Stores comprehensive information about customers, including past interactions, purchase history, preferences, and contact details, to personalize support interactions.

Collaboration Tools

Allows internal communication and collaboration among support teams through features like internal messaging, notes, and shared task lists. 

Integration Capabilities

Integration with suchbusiness systems as CRM, helpdesk, communication channels (e.g., email, live chat), and 3d-party apps to centralize data and streamline workflows. 

Multichannel Support

Enables agents to manage customer inquiries across various communication channels, including email, phone, live chat, social media, and self-service portals.

Customer Feedback Mechanisms

Collect and analyze customer feedback through surveys, ratings, and reviews to identify areas for improvement and measure customer satisfaction levels.

Escalation Procedures

Define escalation paths for unresolved or high-priority issues, ensuring timely resolution and appropriate handling of complex cases.

Customization Options

Allow administrators to tailor the portal's layout, branding, workflows, and user permissions to align with the organization's specific needs and branding guidelines.

How Customer Service Portals Add Value

Explore benefits that customer service portal development provides to businesses, employees, and customers, being an indispensable step towards delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Faster Issue Resolution

Customer service portals that we develop facilitate prompt identification, assignment, and resolution of customer issues, resulting in quicker response times and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Personalized interactions and prompt resolution of issues that our customer service portal development enables contribute to higher levels of customer satisfaction, leading to positive brand perceptions and repeat business.

Better Agent Performance

We implement features like ticket management, knowledge bases, and collaboration tools that empower agents to resolve issues more effectively, leading to improved performance metrics and higher job satisfaction.

Consistent Service Delivery

We standardize processes and centralize information within customer service portal to ensure that your users receive consistent and accurate support experiences across various channels, building trust and loyalty.

Who we do it for

Customer service portals that we build for SMBs, enterprises, and startups automate support workflows, provide access to customer data, and enable personalized support, resulting in cost savings, increased productivity, and better experiences for both customers and employees, regardless of the industry’s specific needs and challenges.


 For digital publishing businesses we offer features such as content management, subscriber support, payment processing, analytics tracking, digital rights management, and integration with publishing platforms to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction.




For martech businesses, we deliver customer service portals, including ticket management, user account management, CRM integration, marketing campaign tracking, and personalized support to efficiently resolve inquiries and enhance customer satisfaction.


We deliver customer service portals that provide fintech businesses with secure ticket management, compliance tracking, transaction monitoring, user, authentication, and personalized support to ensure regulatory compliance and deliver exceptional service.


For healthcare providers, we craft customer service portals that enable secure patient data management, appointment scheduling, medical history access, real-time communication with healthcare professionals, and personalized support to ensure efficient healthcare delivery and patient satisfaction.

Tech stack

Versatile and up-to-date tech stack that we utilize for developing customer service portals ensures robust performance, scalability, and adherence to individual business requirements.

Our Portfolio

Since 2011, we specialize in crafting web portals for businesses across various industries and markets. With a focus on user-centric design and advanced functionality, we deliver bespoke solutions that solve multi-faceted, complex tasks of a concrete business.

Development of a Data consolidation and analytics platform for a US analytical agency
Electronic Payment System for Global Fintech Market
Customer Engagement Platform for Digital Publishing and Media Companies
Website Visitor Identification Software for a Marketing and Sales Automation Corporation

The Lightpoint difference

Our team masters the following principles and approaches to excel in developing functional, secure, and scalable customer service portals.

Expertise in Customer Support Processes

We have a deep understanding of customer support workflows and implement best practices to ensure that the portal meets the specific needs of support teams and aligns with industry-specific standards.

Integration Capabilities

We seamlessly integrate with existing systems such as CRM software, self-service portals, customer data platforms, helpdesk tools, and communication channels, enabling efficient data management and workflow automation.

Advanced Customization

We tailor customer service portals to the unique needs and requirements of each client, accommodating brand guidelines, user preferences, support team configuration, and process specifics.

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