Business Dashboard Development Services

Business Dashboard Development Services

We design, develop, and deploy custom dashboards tailored to the specific needs of a concrete business. We leverage advanced tools and technologies to gather, process, and display data from various sources, fostering better insights, KPI tracking, and performance monitoring.

With our dashboard development services, organizations can streamline operations, enhance productivity, and simplify complex data into actionable information.

Lightpoint’s Dashboard Development Services

We provide dashboard development services from building custom dashboards to implementation of complex data visualization and real-time analytics, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and track KPIs and performance.

Custom Dashboard Development

Leverage specialized, user-centric data dashboards tailored to your business's precise needs, facilitating data-driven decision-making, performance monitoring, and goal achievement.

Cloud-Based Dashboard Development

Harnesses cloud infrastructure for scalability, accessibility, and data storage, enabling real-time data analysis, remote access, and cost-efficient management while ensuring data security and compliance.

Dashboard Integration

Connect dashboards with external tools and software (e.g., CRM, ERP) to consolidate data sources to enable a holistic view of business operations.

Dashboard Performance Optimization

Enhance loading speed, responsiveness, and overall efficiency by optimizing data queries, visualization rendering, and resource utilization to deliver a smooth user experience.

Real-Time Analytics and Interactive Reporting

Access and analyze live data, make informed decisions, and engage with data interactively through features like filters, drill-downs, and dynamic visuals.

Data Visualization Services

Leverage live data insights, enabling instant decision-making and user-driven data exploration through dynamic features such as filters, drill-downs, and interactive visuals.

Unlocking User-friendly Data Monitoring via Custom Dashboards

We offer business dashboard development for businesses seeking to gain insights, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions. It can lead to improved efficiency, better customer relationships, and a stronger competitive position in the market. Here are several key business benefits that our custom dashboards can help with.

Customized Reporting

We deliver custom dashboards that allow businesses to tailor reporting to their specific needs. This means that executives and stakeholders can access the exact data they require to make critical decisions.

Increased Accountability

Our dashboards can assign responsibility by tracking and displaying individual or team performance against predefined goals and targets. This promotes accountability and motivates employees to meet their objectives.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Custom dashboards that we provide offer real-time access to relevant data. This can lead to better strategic choices, improved resource allocation, and increased competitiveness.

Enhanced Visibility

We consolidate data from various sources into a single, easily accessible interface. This visibility into critical metrics and performance indicators helps businesses monitor operations and identify areas that require attention.

Enhanced Customer Insights

We accumulate customer-related data, allowing businesses to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences, and satisfaction levels. This information can guide marketing and customer service strategies.

Resources Optimization

Our custom dashboards help to identify areas of inefficiency, enabling businesses to optimize resource allocation, reduce waste, and improve overall operational performance.

Types of Dashboards That We Provide to Businesses

Explore a few examples of dashboard types that we deliver to startups, SMBs, and enterprises, and the specific capabilities a business can use depending on its industry, goals, and data needs. Our custom dashboards can also combine elements from multiple types to suit unique business requirements.

Operational Dashboards

Focus on real-time or near-real-time data to monitor day-to-day operations, typically used by front-line employees to track performance metrics and address immediate issues.

Analytical Dashboards

Enable in-depth data analysis and exploration, allow users to dig into data, discover trends, and generate insights.

Marketing Dashboards

Centralize marketing data, including website traffic, conversions, and campaign effectiveness, help marketing teams measure ROI and refine marketing efforts.

Sales Dashboards

Concentrate on sales-related metrics like leads, opportunities, and revenue, support sales teams in tracking performance and optimizing sales strategies.

Financial Dashboards

Focus on financial data such as revenue, expenses, and profitability, assist finance professionals in tracking financial health and making fiscal decisions.

Healthcare Dashboards

Contain patient data, clinical metrics, and healthcare provider performance indicators, assist healthcare professionals in delivering quality care and optimizing operations.

IT Dashboards

Monitor IT infrastructure, network performance, and cybersecurity metrics, help IT teams manage systems and address technical issues.

Supply Chain Dashboards

Monitor the flow of goods and materials across the supply chain, support logistics and operations teams in optimizing supply chain processes.

Tech Stack

As a software application development company, we employ top-tier tools and technologies to ensure the best quality, scalability, and performance of our solutions in the long run.
Programming Languages

Golang, Python, SQL, T-SQL

Technologies / Frameworks / Libraries

Django, Numpy, Pandas, Docker, Airflow, Jenkins, Grafana, Prometheus

Data Integration Platforms

Apache Kafka, Apache Airflow

Databases and Storages

Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, MongoDB, DynamoDB, AWS S3, ClickHouse, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake

ETL Tools

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Predictive analytics tools

XGBoost, CatBoost, LightGBM

BI tools

Power BI, Tableau

Who we do it for

We provide business dashboard development for a variety of industries. . We provide flexible, user-centric interfaces for monitoring, analyzing, and visualizing data. This versatility allows businesses in diverse sectors, from finance to healthcare and marketing to fintech, to harness the power of data and make informed decisions tailored to their unique objectives.


We deliver custom dashboards to publishing businesses to uncover insights into content performance, audience engagement, and revenue streams. We centralize data from various publishing platforms, tracking metrics like page views, click-through rates, and subscription numbers. Our dashboards aid editorial teams in content optimization, help marketing teams understand reader behavior, and assist publishers in making informed advertising and monetization decisions. They enhance content strategy, reader satisfaction, and overall business profitability.
For healthcare businesses, we provide dashboard development services to esure comprehensive views of patient data, clinical metrics, and operational performance. Our solutions enable real-time monitoring of patient outcomes, appointments, and resource allocation. These dashboards support healthcare professionals in managing patient care, ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations, and optimizing hospital workflows. They also facilitate data-driven decision-making for administrators and enhance patient treatment while improving process efficiency within the healthcare organization.
Dashboards we create for fintech businesses provide real-time insights into financial transactions, customer behavior, and market trends. They enable the monitoring of KPIs like transaction volumes, fraud detection rates, and customer acquisition costs. These dashboards can integrate with various financial data sources, support regulatory compliance reporting, and offer customizable analytics tools for risk assessment and investment analysis. Thus, we empower fintech firms to make data-driven decisions, enhance customer experiences, and stay competitive.
We develop custom dashboards for Martech businesses to offer robust data visualization and analytics tools to monitor marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and conversion rates in real-time. We integrate data from multiple marketing channels, enabling performance tracking, A/B testing, and personalized customer insights. Our Martech dashboards facilitate marketing optimization, budget allocation, and lead generation. We help Martech companies to adapt strategies, improve ROI, and deliver targeted campaigns for their clients.

Our Portfolio

We’ve 130+ projects in various industries like Martech, Fintech, Manufacturing, eCommerce, and more. Explore business tasks that we helped to solve via custom software solutions and results our clients gained with their help.

Website Visitor Identification Software for a Marketing and Sales Automation Corporation
Development of an ETL-pipeline and integration with BI tools for a US-based digital publishing company
Development of a Data consolidation and analytics platform for a US analytical agency
User Engagement Platform For Martech: From acquisition to retention

How We Work

As a full cycle software development company, we synchronize our development approach with our clients’ business goals and project nuances to deliver the right solution in the right time. Explore our engagement models, and choose which one works best.

The Lightpoint difference

Our team brings specialized expertise, efficiency, and scalability to the table, enabling businesses to access high-quality, tailor-made data solutions that drive informed decision-making and improve overall operational efficiency.

Expertise and Specialization

Lightpoint is a team of skilled professionals with expertise in business dashboard development, data integration, and data analytics solutions. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in data visualization and analytics, providing businesses with cutting-edge solutions.


We streamline the development process, saving businesses time and resources. Our team has established workflows, tools, and frameworks that expedite dashboard creation. This efficiency translates to cost savings as clients don't have to invest heavily in building an in-house development team or reinventing the wheel for each project.

Scalability and Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services. This ensures that the dashboard remains functional, up-to-date, and scalable as the business grows or evolves. We can quickly adapt to changing requirements, add new data sources, and implement enhancements, providing long-term value to the client.

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