Ilya Lashch

Ilya Lashch

Founder & CTO of Lightpoint Global

Ilya Lashch is a Founder & CTO of Lightpoint Global.

Before starting the company, Ilya worked as a web developer and data engineer, and was subsequently promoted to Team Lead and then Technical Lead. During that time, he gained vast experience in web development. Ilya participated in building custom web solutions from scratch for various domains and aims — from systems dealing with diamond processing to accounting software and user management platforms with complex, multi-level calculations. Another field where Ilya became highly-skilled was development of complex, distributed databases involving such technologies as MsSQL PostGres, Oracle (Enterprise and Express), and more.

In 2012, Ilya founded Lightpoint, and since then he combines CEO and CTO roles. As a CEO, his responsibilities include setting and executing the company’s strategic direction, making critical decisions, and representing the company to stakeholders. As a CTO, he is occupied with overseeing technology strategies, driving innovation, managing technical teams, evaluating and adopting new technologies, and aligning technology with business goals.

Currently, Ilya’s core technical expertise embraces the following branches:


Web development of different complexity


Data Engineering, Analytics and Visualization;


Big Data and Data Science


Cloud Infrastructure (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) development, implementation and migration.

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In Lightpoint Global Blog, Ilya shares his experience on these topics, providing tips, guides, observing challenges and pitfalls, and delivering insights on domain-specific software development for Martech, Fintech, Healthcare, and Publishing industries.

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