Veronika Lashch

Veronika Lashch

Co-founder and QA Team Lead at Lightpoint Global

Veronika Lashch is Co-founder and QA Team Lead at Lightpoint Global. She is with the company from the very start. Before the foundation of Lightpoint, Veronika worked as a QA Engineer and QA Manager at software development companies and GameDev companies. By now, Veronika has 14+ years of experience in software testing and quality assurance as well as building company processes and managing teams.

At Lightpoint, Veronika combines QA Management together with designing and organization of operational processes. She is also involved in Project Management. Veronika contributes her expertise and leadership skills when decision making, strategic planning of business development, and day-to-day operations to bring the company’s vision and goals to fruition.

These are key areas of Veronika’s expertise:


Operational processes: conceptualization, implementation, monitoring


HR processes management and enhancement, training of in-house HR specialists


Project Management (teams of 10+ people)


Software testing and QA


QA Management

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In Lightpoint Blog, Veronika covers topics of IT team and processes building and management, shares practical tips and pitfalls that may arise. She also provides insights on QA and software testing, their challenges, best practices, and business value.

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