Electronic Payment System for Global Fintech Market

Electronic Payment System for Global Fintech Market

Local and cross-border digital transactions for a global market

An e-payment system affiliated to the largest banking network, allowing near-instant, secure transactions across national borders. Localized for language and currency. No cash, credit cards or personally identifying information.

Connecting merchants to consumers, businesses to businesses

An electronic payment system for online shopping used by Adidas, Reebok and Uber. Consumers can purchase in their own currencies without risking personal or financial information. Businesses can transact rapidly, securely and inexpensively.

Delivered to the client as a multi-component electronic payment system with integrations including APIs for banks, databases and tertiary services, SAP integration, and a web app for payment management and control.

Introducing e-Payment systems

The e-payment system does not require any personal or financial data to function, providing protection against identity theft, chargeback and fraud.

Local and cross-border transactions
Language localization to 20+ countries and growing. Transact locally or cross-border the same way, with no fees or delays.
Global multicurrency settlement
Payers pay in their currency. Payee receives payment in their currency. Automatic currency conversion.
No fraud or chargeback risk
The system does not require any personal or financial data to function, providing protection against identity theft, chargeback and fraud.
Real-time payment confirmation
Payment confirmation in real time, as required by industries with time-sensitive inventory allocation. No administrative delays.

Used by:

Integrated with:

Funds are securely settled, and the technology platform guarantees scalability, reliability, efficiency and security.

Payment challenges: insecure, inconvenient, expensive and slow

The payments space typically offers users unintegrated tools that require sensitive information to function, charge high fees and take too long to process transactions. The space suffers from:

Poor user experience
Clunky interfaces, confusing terms and conditions, low customer satisfaction.
Cash and FX management issues
Hard to use, with opaque rules and all risk borne by the user.
Move money manually between tools, waiting for confirmation and entering information and passwords.
Poorly-architected e-payment systems crash, glitch or refuse transactions, eroding trust and forcing use of multiple systems.
Security deficits
Fintech is the fastest-growing cybercrime target. Many electronic payments systems tools lack adequate basic safeguards.
Privacy is forgotten
Data use policies are unclear. Data is shared with third parties, sold or stored unprotected.
High costs
Pay for each transaction. Pay for membership. Fees are high, complex and inescapable.
Will your customers and suppliers use the same payment network? Yes — if it’s scalable as well as effective.

There was a clear market need for an electronic payment system that was the opposite: easy to use, low-cost, rapid and secure.

Creating an e-Payment system

Electronic Payment system solves the major problems with the space, delivering a seamless, intuitive experience that’s consumer-friendly and backed by a suite of communication, security and privacy features that support business use.

Lightpoint built an Electronic Payment system with:
1 Fullstack Team Lead, 7 Fullstack Developers, 1 Front-end Dev, 1 Automation QA, 4 QA


ASP.NET (WebForms, WebAPI, MVC, Core), Identity Server Core, OAuth2, SOAP Web Services, Windows services, SignalR, Redis, Quartz, Topshelf, TCP sockets, Dapper, Entity Framework, IoC (Autofac, Simple Injector), SSRS, SSIS


MS SQL Server


Knockout, Angular


Electronic Payment system was delivered to the client as a multi-component, multi-integration tool including web app and APIs for banks, databases and third-party services. Currency conversions, commission calculations and account payments to customers are included and the product is integrated with SAP, allowing for automated workflows that reduce human labor and potential error.

Users can:

  • Receive bank transfers
  • Collect cash payments
  • Enable other non-card local payment methods
  • Receive real-time confirmation
  • Achieve reconciliation
  • 0% fraud or chargebacks
  • Access e-Payment system with a single integration
  • Get access to the e-Payment system Payment Network with a single integration

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