Development of a financial assistant app for an Eastern European bank

Development of a financial assistant app for an Eastern European bank


Our customer is a bank in Eastern Europe that operates in corporate, investment, and private sectors. The bank is one of the core credit organizations in the country. The total number of clients is around 5 million.


Lightpoint Global was asked to develop a financial assistant helping users to achieve their financial goals, track and optimize expenses, and increase financial literacy. The app had to be developed from scratch both for web and mobile environments.

How it works

The development process consisted of 4 major stages:


Gathering requirements and formulating technical assignment

The first stage was close interaction with the client side to make an exhausting list of requirements to the application and prepare project documentation.

Web development and mobile development

After building an app architecture, the developers coded front-end, then back-end, and integrated them into a working application.
The manual and automated testing engineers ensured the functionality performs as intended and errors don’t occur when operation. The emphasis was on testing security, UX, and data processing algorithms to have precise analytics, intuitive, user-friendly interface, and end-to-end protection of user financial data.

Release and maintenance

As the application was successfully released, our team kept on supporting it to make some advancements on the go and handle users’ requests.

Key features

Digital wallet

The application UI was arranged as a digital wallet containing your account balance, completed transactions, analytics and reporting tools.

Connection with a user’s bank

The application was linked with the user's bank account and enabled secure access to account details and payment history to use this data for smart analytics and building saving strategies.

Analytics, invoicing and purchase reports

The application analyzes payment tracking and categorizes expenses by their intent, e.g. food, rent, healthcare, entertainment, etc. The result is presented as a pie chart with notes. Besides, the user can set up regular reporting of one’s expenses, and save invoices as PDFs.

Fundraising goals

The user can set up fundraising goals, e.g. some gadget or car, educational program, or just some amount of money. Based on the payment history insights, the app works out a saving strategy — which amount of money the user should save in a given period of time, how to redistribute the budget in favor of accomplishing the goal, and prioritize savings according to the priority of the goals.

Financial literacy training

The application offers a series of articles dedicated to financial education: tips for budget planning, improving your financial health, creating emergency funds, managing savings for different occasions.

Team Structure & Duration

The team worked on this project for 12 months, and included:

1 Project Manager
1 Tech Lead
6 Front-end developers
10 Back-end developers
4 Mobile developers
1 QA automation engineer
2 QA engineers

Tech stack:

React, .Net, Kotlin, iOS, Android


Effector, React, TypeScript, Woly UI, Styled-components.


NET, Kotlin, Ktor, PostgreSQL, JOOQ, Redis, Gradle, Kafka, microservices architecture.


Android API level 26+, Dagger 2 / Hilt, Kotlin Coroutines & Flow, Kotlin, Retrofit, Kotest, Navigation Component.


iOS 14+, Module based architecture, Swift, Clean Swift based architecture, Swift Package Manager, GitHub + CI Jira Confluence, Alamofire + Apexy by red_mad_robot

Data & Infrastructure:

Private and Public clouds, Git, Kubernetes, Istio, Gitops and Iaac approach, Kafka, Clickhouse, Postgresql, Cassandra, Redis, ELK, Prometheus, Vault, Victoriametrics, HDFS, Hadoop, Spark, Hortonworks, Jaeger, Python.


Lightpoint Global team developed a bespoke financial assistant app from the ground up in web and mobile versions. The app has a direct and protected connection with the user’s bank account and is intended for tracking and analyzing user expenses to provide visual statistics and a data-driven strategy, helping users to save for their goals. Additionally, the app offers a pack of articles educating for improvement of one’s financial literacy.

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