Human Resources Management System for a Mortgage Company

Human Resources Management System for a Mortgage Company

A web-based human resources management software for a US-based enterprise level financial services company.

Upon conducting an analysis of the existing HRM system and taking into account our client's needs for future development, the team proposed a rebuild of the system. This decision was based on the fact that the old approach was heavy, difficult to manage, and had performance issues.
One of the major challenges we faced was an inefficient workflow application that was freezing due to the large amount of data it had to process. LightPoint Global greatly improved its performance by updating the HRM software system, which was able to sort and filter tables and sheets, making it much simpler to locate the information we required. The UX/UI was also greatly enhanced, with major changes that made it more user-friendly.


LightPoint Global’s approach to the project was highly effective as we devoted considerable effort to create the project from the beginning using modern technologies based on the existing code. The team recognized that a new approach was necessary in order to develop a more efficient and effective human resources management system that would better meet the client’s needs. Our skilled software development team delivered an excellent HRM system that met all of our needs and expectations with a great attitude and attention to detail.

How it works

The team collaborated with our company to upgrade our Human Resources Management system, which required considerable effort to create the project from the beginning using modern technologies based on the existing code. The web application contained the prior functionality and was supplemented with new features such as a bulk import of new personnel, export to distinct formats, and a mailing system for personalized workflows. Additionally, the system included tasks and events, as well as automated email newsletters triggered by specific events such as work anniversaries or birthdays. This feature saved us a lot of time and made it easier to stay connected with our employees.

Key Features

  • Transition of new employees into their roles;
  • Customisation grids based on client expectations;
  • Bulk Import of employees with mapping or using; predefined template. This feature includes ability to merge existing records with new ones, handle duplicates;
  • Export data to XSL, CSV, PDF formats;
  • Audit Trail feature to handle changes in the fields;
  • Creation and support custom fields for different entities;
  • Ability to hide fields/pages based on Permission and Role.

Team Structure & Duration

The team worked on this project for 8 months, and included:

1 Tech Lead, 1 PM, 5 Developers, 3 QA

Tech stack:

.NET 6
EF Core


As a result, the team built a new web-based human resources management software based on the old code and implemented new features to meet customer expectations. The team developed a modern HRM system with a set of new features, improved performance and a user-friendly UI/UX.

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