Startup software development

Nowadays, turning a good idea into software that meets market demand is not an easy task. The risks of developing a product that will not be in demand in the market are very high, and the development timeline, as a rule, is compressed before raising the rounds. Accordingly, the startup founder can only trust the vendor to develop software for the startup.

In a quickly evolving marketplace, founders need software development with rapid and Agile delivery. Our team can help you to identify and figure out key features, design a plan of product development and get the project ready to launch using 7-weeks-long cycles.

Software development for startups

Discovery & Specification

During the discovery phase, our specialists will be able to help outline your idea from the technical side, advise on the appropriate tech stack based on the project goals and prepare a reliable project specification.

Agile Software Development

Build a flawless, responsive websolution or mobile application with our team of experienced designers and developers in 7-weeks-long cycles.

MVP Development

Step by step, we’ll help you design project prototypes and mockups, then develop and launch your Minimum Viable Product by our professionals, helping to turn that vision turn into a project that satisfies both you and your target audience’s needs.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website is the key to customer satisfaction. We make sure that the sites we build for you look great on all types of devices and all types of browsers.

How we work with your startup product

Discovery phase

1 week

At the first stage, our technical specialists, technical architects, UX designers help you to develop a strategy and define the goals that need to be achieved upon completion of the project. Work with our consultants to find the key feature that defines your product and establish the project scope.Agile Software Development

6 weeks

Having defined the project requirements, our front-end and back-end developers start laying the foundations for the build. By the time the design is finalized by UI/UX designers, the tech team is ready to integrate it with the functionality and do its development magic. Already at this stage, the project undergoes rigorous testing to ensure a successful introduction to the market.Project Launch

1 week

After rigorous testing and closed beta for the selected few customers we open up the tool for the more general public. The project is ready within 7 weeks of work.Further Product Development


After this milestone, we can help you with marketing efforts and ongoing product development and enhancements.

Just 7 weeks and your idea as an IT solution. You can make many potential mistakes without having a deep understanding of the software you are developing and the audience you are targeting. With software development being a costly process, before you dive in and invest all of your resources, you must consider the pros and cons of each route, which is why so important to choose the right software vendor.

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