Machine Learning In Daily Life

Every day we hear more and more about machine learning and how countries around the world are finding a huge range of applications. A lot of interesting tasks are assigned to self-learning cars, from analyzing traffic jams to self-driving cars.

Machine learning is considered a branch of artificial intelligence, its idea is that the computer does not just use a pre-written algorithm, but learns itself to solve the problem.

What is ML used for in business and life?

If you ask a person who is engaged in robotics about the field of application of ML, you will hear many interesting stories about this. For example, robots will independently learn to perform assigned tasks. Extract minerals in the bowels of the earth, drill oil, and gas wells, explore the depths and bottom of oceans and seas, extinguish fires, and much more. The developer will not need to paint massive and complex programs for fear of making a mistake in the code. Using ML, the robot itself will be able to learn how to behave in a specific situation based on data analysis.

Where is ML being used now?

At the moment, machine learning is more widely used for marketing purposes. World-renowned companies like Google and Yandex are using ML to serve relevant ads to users. Likely as you noticed that after searching the Internet for a product of interest, then you see similar offers for several hours or even days.

Using the same principle, smart feeds are formed in social networks, and such social networks as Facebook, VK, Instagram, and Twitter, or rather their analytical machines, investigate your interests – which posts you view more often, what you click on, what you like. The longer and more often you use social media, the more custom your newsfeed becomes. On the one hand, the machine filters out an array of not interesting information, and on the other hand, it narrows your horizons.

Also, ML is used in security structures. You’ve probably heard that many countries (USA, UK, Japan and etc) have implemented a subway face recognition system. Cameras scan the faces of people entering and exiting the metro. Then the analytical machines compare the images with the persons who are on the wanted list. If the similarity is high, the system is triggered automatically and gives a signal. And the police officers go to check the documents of a particular person.

Artificial intelligence has not bypassed medical institutions either. The system is used to process patient data, preliminary diagnostics, and even the selection of individual treatment based on information about a person’s disease.

To sum up, 5 years ago artificial intelligence was associated with science fiction films where robots saved the world, and supercomputers tried to enslave it. Today everyone is talking about AI. If f you also have an idea you want to bring to life, please contact Lightpoint Global and we can help you and deliver top-notch software!