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Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Learn how Healthcare institutions benefit form Predictive Analytics and what challenges it poses to individuals and organizations.

What is a customer data platform, and how do you build one?

See how customer data platform help marketers to get a detailed picture of a target audience, and steps it take to build CDP.

What Is Buy Now, Pay Later? How BNPL Works

Figure out buy-now-pay-later solutions, their advantages and disadvantages for eCommerce, future perspectives, and top 4 BNPL solutions.

The importance of code refactoring

Reveal five major advantages that code refactoring brings to your software quality, budget, and the development timing.

The Most Popular Types of Healthcare Software

See what software healthcare organizations often use to automate processes of hospital administration, diagnosis and treatment, and medical research.

Engagement solutions. Lead a customer from engagement to happy “wedding”

Explore the features of customer engagement platforms, what comminication channels they embrace, and how they help to strengthen your brand.