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Unveiling the Future: Will AI Replace Programmers or Transform their Roles?

Explore the evolving role of AI in software development, its ethical limitations, and how programmers can adapt and expand their roles.

The Future of Software Engineering: Lightpoint Global Overview

Find out how the demand for software engineers is changing, and what soft and hard skills will be must-haves in the future.

The Role of QA Testing in Custom Software Development

Get a comprehensive undersanding of quality assurance process, testing types, and degree of importance for software development.

When Custom Software Is Better Than Off-the-shelf Solution?

This article explores the pros and cons of custom software development in comparison to off-the-shelf solutions.

Why Are Solution Architects Needed

Explore the role of Solution Architect, how he integrates tech and business sides of the software, and facilitates project management.

When do we need PM on the project?

Learn all you need to know abour Project Manager’s responsibilities, skills, contribution to the team, and when you need one on your project.

Software development outsourcing 101: what it is and how to do it right

Study the process of software development outsourcing together with its benefits and peculiarities that providers from different regions may have.

Why do you need an SLA?

The article highlights the ways SLA agreement ensures unambiguity and precision of contract terms, and key elements SLA should include.

Startup software development

Get acquainted with our process of software development for startups, its timing and chronology.