Expert remote database administration services

Expert remote database administration services

Delegate DBA to our experienced professionals — increase performance and reduce costs
Lightpoint’s remote DBA team manages your databases remotely, round the clock, letting you work directly with highly experienced, skilled database professionals who understand your business, your platform and your database.

DBA protects your most precious resource: data

If your applications are all up and running and your infrastructure is intact, but your database is down, your business is in trouble. DBA provides reliability and ensures uptime, delivered by a team with technical and business knowhow, experts in your specific database type.
Remote DBA for your onsite database
Remote team monitors and manages your database, tuning and maintaining your core data tools and guaranteeing you 99%+ uptime.
Remote DBA for cloud implementation
Focusing on improvement and analytics, innovations and opportunities, our team works with you to improve the results you get from your database.
What’s your challenge?
If your business has outgrown your tech, we can help. Get in touch to tell us where you’d like to go. We’ll build the tools to get you there.

We help with

We’ll assist with technology selection and installation, setting up your cloud or onsite database and customizing your applications to your specific business needs.
24/7 monitoring
Our team monitors your database performance constantly and instantly steps in to correct faults, meaning you get 99%+ uptime.
Upgrade and migration
If you need to move your database to a new platform or select a new structure, our DBA team will form part of the solution, bringing wide, deep database expertise to the task.
Disaster recovery
From a single file corruption to complete site loss, our team creates and implements disaster recovery plans, protecting your data and performance.
Performance tuning
We’ll fine-tune your database memory, infrastructure, integrations and applications for higher performance, ensuring you get the best from your data.
Database and infrastructure audit
Our remote DBA team regularly carries out in-depth health checks using custom tools to identify potential problems before they occur.
Data lifecycle management
From planning and structuring a database to receive and process data to deleting obsolete data and structures, we design and execute policies to manage and optimize your data.
Test data masking and obfuscation
Lightpoint conceals your crucial data, creating dummy databases for application and process testing to deliver accurate results securely.

Who we do it for

We build software that helps publishers attract, engage and convert their audiences across platforms and channels. Now you can demonstrate ROI to advertisers, derive insights from your data, and base content creation and distribution decisions on those insights
We create medical portals for clinicians, patients, and administrators to interact and share everything from appointment schedules to medical histories. Secure permissioned databases make sharing patient history faster, while payment systems accelerate insurance and copay settlements
From consumer payments systems to crowdfunding and digital banking, and from pure fintech projects to work in other verticals that involves integration with the financial system, Lightpoint’s engineers build software that deliver transparency, personalization and security
Lightpoint builds custom martech solutions to tame your stack, including data analytics and visualization to extract actionable insights from your data and custom tools to reach, engage and convert your audience across platforms, channels and devices

DevOps technologies we work with

Microsoft SQL Server

Our work

We’re proud of our work. You’re welcome to view our entire portfolio, but here are some highlights:
Converting readers to subscribers with metered paywalling
Driving predictable revenue, from acquisition to retention
Automating record-keeping in medical research
Bank transfers, cash payments, and cross-border transactions
A one-stop sales and customer success solution for publishers
Customer engagement platform for major US media companies
Personalized newspaper experience for users

The Lightpoint difference

Focused on the business goal, mindful of the end-user, Lightpoint is a different development agency.

Beyond the technical
We don't just build great tools. We build business processes. Our team builds innovative technical solutions, but the focus is on joining the dots between your business goals and your tech.
Deep expertise
72% of our team are senior-level professionals. We marry deep technical expertise with soft skills and business know-how.
Track record of success
130+ successful projects. Recommended by 96% of our customers. 92% improvement in customer satisfaction scores. 63% increase in brand recognition.

Get in touch

Let’s talk! Tell us your business goals and we’ll translate them into sleek cross-platform applications that drive revenue, deliver security, reduce administrative burden and derive actionable insights from your business data.

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